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My 5 Must-Have Travel Essentials

Living in a tropical country like ours and having beautiful places to explore and discover also means that whatever time of the year it is – we can always have fun and travel to our best kept wonders! And of course, travelling deals with proper planning to those who wanted to experience the best out of everything. To those who loves spontaneous getaway like me, knowing what are the basics and proper travel essential is a big deal! Simply because it could make your travel more fun or a mishap! Of course, who would love to have the latter, right?

With that having said, here are my 5 Must-Have Travel Essentials.

# 1. Sun Protection.

Long exposure to the sun is not good at all as it could damage our skin. Those harmful UV rays could bring us sickness such as skin irritation, inflammation, redness, allergies and worst case scenario, skin cancer in the long run. That’s why it is strongly advisable that you should wear sun protection throughout your journey for a healthy you! I bet, you want to see all the wonders of the world, right? Thus, prevention is the key! Wear sunglasses, floppy hat that could cover your face, put sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 35, and avoid long exposure to the sun but in cases that it is inevitable, drink a lot of water.

# 2. Comfortable clothing.

Always bring clothes that are comfortable and appropriate to the weather and respecting the place. There are places such as temples and heritage sites that have clothing requirements so ensure to comply. More so, travel in style! 

Poracay Resort - Poracay, Pampanga

# 3. First-aid kit & Vitamins.

Do not forget to bring first-aid kit! It composed of Band-Aid, paracetamols, ibuprofen, medicine for hyperacidity and stomachache, among others! Make it come handy so that anytime you need it you can have it. It is better to get ready and prepared than spoiling your travels because you’re not prepared of something. And a friendly reminder, to have your vitamins daily to get rid of sickness!

# 4. Food & Drink.

Whenever I travel, I always bring chocolates and cookies. These are my pantawid-gutom while on the road. Delayed flights, long travel time, and misadventures are things that we cannot avoid and it is in our best interest to have food and drink anytime, anywhere. Stay healthy and eat on time.

# 5. Gadgets – Camera and phone.
Capturing wonderful destination that tells beautiful stories and memories are a must! So, having the perfect gadgets that are light and easy to use are the key things that I was looking for when buying one. I have a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera that captures beautiful images and a phone that somewhat looks okay for a selfie.

Having an “okay” is not really something you want to settle to if you know there’s something better, right? And that’s exactly my thoughts when I had a chance to navigate OPPO F1s. Shame on me! My 10-year old niece have it and got envy when I was able to see how good it is even on low light. So, here’s the story, my niece wanted a phone as a Christmas present last December. She’s very specific on what she wanted – OPPO F1s. Being an Auntie to this beautiful kid, I can’t barely say NO on her requests. So, we have a deal – if she gets into the Top 10 of her class, I would buy it! No pressure at all. It’s a deal! Came December, she’s very excited to tell me that, “Tita, top ulit si Gail (her 4-year old sister) at nasa Top 7 ako!”  I can feel and sense the excitement at all! And yes, on Christmas eve, I handed her present – OPPO F1s. For phone specs and features, please visit OPPO website here.

And since then, OPPO F1s has been part of the family getaways! And I’m happy to see that she’s enjoying her OPPO F1s and maximizing it by uploading videos in (@leahjulliene18) and so far I’m liking its one-of-a-kind specs such as ColorOS 3.0, MT6750 Octa-core 64-bit, 3GB RAM with 32GB.

So there you go! Always remember that having these essentials could make your getaway a blast! Have fun and live life to the fullest while keeping your immune system healthy! ☺☺☺

Photos captured by OPPO F1s! Enjoy!

Selfie at Baguio City

Sky Ranch in Pampanga at night.

Mirror-selfie plus adding some creatvity by using OPPO F1s' filter.

An afternoon chill at the park - Marilao, Bulacan.


being with them also means being a kid again! 

Travelling could be more fun and energetic with these two! // On our way to Tangadan Falls - San Gabriel, La Union.

Always remember, dreams do come true! Explore. Discover. Learn.
Have a great day!
Xoxo, Aylin

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