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Ted’s Restaurant by MonDay Chefs

Staycation will be boring without foods, right? That’s why, staying at Ted’s Bed & Breakfast was such a heaven. Aside from the ambiance that’s so relaxing with a quiet neighborhood, chirping birds were your companions and lots of lush green plants were so bright onto your very eyes, Ted's Bed & Breakfast also offers sumptuous dishes and flavorful delights at their restaurant named Ted’s Restaurant by MonDay Chefs.

Having a comfortable stay also means spoiling yourself with a great food. That’s why I always love staying in hotels in or out of the metropolis or a bed & breakfast in a nearby city because I was able to immense myself in a solitude where I can think of many ideas to be a better individual and come up with plans for my future. More so, explore and indulge myself in some wonderful offerings that each and every location has to offer. Sta.Cruz, Laguna is just a 2-3 hours away from Manila and I would say, it’s a perfect escape away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic world of the city. 

At Ted’s you can slow down and yet, still productive throughout the day. I could imagine myself staying at Ted’s Restaurant by Monday Chefs while munching on tasty cookies, soft and mouthwatering cakes paired with a hot cup of coffee while blogging. I guess, in two to three hours I can finish at least 2 articles. Gee… I can no longer wait for my next visit. Promo please! *wink*

During our stay, Chef Mon and Chef Day spoiled us with Ted’s Restaurant delicious and yummy best sellers. From burgers to pizza, spicy buffalo wings to pasta and cakes for dessert that was really to die for! And that was for dinner. On the next day, we had the best breakfast that you could ask for – pancakes with bacons, pandesal with kesong puti, beef tapa, and danggit! Of course, I was able to try them all. Can you imagine how full I was then? Not complaining though because every meal has its own character that you should try! It was all worth it!

The ambiance was so much great! Ted’s restaurant is on a rustic setting. Feels like you’re in a country side daydreaming for your Romeo to drop by. It is so dreamy and realize that, living a simple life away from the pollution and crowd is what I am after. That life has a lot to offer, appreciating every second of it while feeling the joy that nature bring is a bliss. It was like a pure joy pouring in an innocent child that appreciate world’s little and yet finest things.

And when you thought that every possession has a tag price to pay for. Don’t fret because you can have all these experiences in a very affordable price. You can have a glorious meal for as low as Php100. Yeah, much cheaper and yet better than my overrated mermaid cup of coffee.

Always remember!

Shakes - lemongrass, strawberry, mango and ginger!

because you are what you eat. :)

a beautiful corner at Ted's Restaurant.

Offering American food - say hi to buuuurger!

a must-try buffalo wings! 

my fave pizza so far!

picture perfect burger! so inviting, right?

Pesto-lover, anyone?! 

sumptous feast!

seafood pasta for me, please!

and carbonara, too! the lil'sister will surely love this. She's a carbonara addict, by the way!

Hi Ate Joy and Kuya Bhogs!

Danggit to up your day.

pancakes, bacons, and egg! the syrup is too yummy!

Brazo de Fernando - must try!

with my bff, Marj!

Can I say, save the best for last? Cheesecake perfect for a hot cup of brewed coffee.

Tapa! P's favorite. <3

Ted's Restaurant by Monday Chefs

and there's another one!

hot pandesal with kesong puti is always a perfect combo

Santa's cookies!

Welcome to Ted's!

Ted’s Restaurant by Monday Chefs
KM 83 National Highway
Sta.Cruz, Laguna
Contact No.: (049) 501 6858 | +63 917 544 0820

- - -
Always remember, dreams do come true! Explore. Discover. Learn.
Have a great day!
Xoxo, Aylin

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