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The Art of S m o k i n g

It sure is not promoting about smoking since not all of us do. But it’s quite amazing that there are so many ways how smoking can be done.

If you are following the latest trend, pretty sure you are familiar with v a p e. V a p i n g is considered as an alternative way to cut one’s nicotine intake. And one of the things amazes me about vaping is that one can play with the smoke it creates. They call it trick. Well, that sure is interesting and no wonder why many are making transition of using it instead of c i g a r s.

Aside from v a p e, there are other kinds of it too that people use. Here is some of it:

Bongs. There are a lot of types of bongs available today. From metal type down to glass water bong, one has many options to choose for. It creates cloud base of smoke too just like how v a p e creates. It is a water filtration s m o k i n g device. In order to use it, water is needed for it to function.

Pipe or T o b a c c o Pipe. If you are familiar of Popeye the Sailor Man show of Cartoon Network, then you must know what I am referring to. This kind of s m o k i n g tool is one of the oldest and that is currently considered by many still.

V a p e. Well, as mentioned before, this is the latest among all. Unlike any other, this particular device would need batteries in order to function. It works as a vaporizer and is considered the safe way to get toxins to your lungs compare to what smoking cigar gives. There are different types of vape devices available and can be purchased anywhere today. To mention a few, it includes vape pen and vape tanks. This device is very common today and that, for sure a friend of yours owns it or you, perhaps.

Shisha/Hookah. Just like how bong works, it is a water filtration device as well. The only different is that Shisha can be used by many people at the same time, roughly like 2-4 persons at a time; while bong, on the other hand, only one person can use it at a given time. Both produces cloud base smoke just like how v a p e creates. The only difference is that it isn’t handy just like how v a p e works.

Pretty sure we all are familiar with some of the mentioned devices but isn’t it amazing that s m o k i n g devices have different types as well, right? There are some that weren’t mentioned here and if you know some, tell us below!

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