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Hiveage – A Small Business’s Companion

Have a complimentary invoicing characteristic specially intended for freelancers & small businesses, Hiveage can provide you it. You may also convert simply and instantly an approximation to an invoice using Hiveage's tools. Take online payments and invoice your customers in multiple currencies. Get paid at no cost and take various kinds payment.

Hiveage saves all your invoices in its platform to help you get them once you must. With it, handle distinct teams & distinct businesses in precisely the same time. Assign charging obligations to your own employees and make an account for every one of your businesses.

It was then set out to establish this business, the net proved to be a hostile position for small-scale businesses. The goal of establishing Hiveage is to help other small business to get democratizing power of the Web.

It lets you handle multiple teams and companies in a single account. So, it will be easy that you delegate your invoicing tasks to others in your team. You can even handle many companies in a single account and track each of their financing in one simple place. The Hiveage service is completely scalable, and it is possible to add more users after when you have a need for it, and because the service uses modules, you don’t have to cover the attributes which you don’t want.
It's possible for you to send recurring invoices too to your own subscribers or frequent customers with no trouble with this specific software. In the event that you intend to examine each invoice before being sent to your own customer, you'll be able to accomplish that. Additionally, together with the recurring invoice attribute, you may set a recurring payment to any third party to ensure you don’t must overlook any payment again.

Hiveage only make it so much simpler, faster, it is without hassle, so user-friendly – can’t ask for more, as well as the huge bonus. One can have the ease of understanding where all invoices are accessible at any given moment. If this is something you haven’t used or heard of yet, you can click here for a detailed hiveage review for moredetails.

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