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5 Ways to Keep your Belongings Safe when Traveling

All set for you next travel destination? Before you set out, it is important that you take certain precautionary measures to keep your stuff safe while traveling. From something as small as a passport to an item as expensive as a phone/tablet/laptop, everything needs to be secure and safely packed to avoid any incidence of stealing that may ruin your whole trip. 

Here are few tips to help you keep your belongings safe when you've on the move: 

1. Protect your Belongings at Home

This is the most common mistake that we all happen to commit. While all your energies may be focused on looking after the belongings you're carrying with you, we tend to forget to look after the ones we're leaving back home. One of the ways to ensure complete security is getting a travel insurance. Check if you can get a good deal under your homeowners or renter insurance.

Another option is to rent a storage facility. You can find one in your own city that is close to your. There are storage units in Austin, Houston, Dallas and almost all major cities of a state. This way you get to enjoy your trip with peace of mind, without having to worry about the safety of your valuables at home.

2. Scatter your Belongings

While your organizational skills may push you to arrange your cards and passport and keep them at one place, or in a single money belt, doing so is always a risk. Why's that? In case you ever come across an unwanted situation, you do not want to risk losing all your cards, and important belongings at once. If however, they're kept at different places, ( shirt pocket, jeans' pockets, your wallet and your bag), you're safer that way. You should do the same with your cash and avoid stacking it in your wallet or a single pocket.

3. Put your Wallet Deep Down in the Luggage

Since there are so many things you can look after when going through the security checks and boarding the plane, a few precautionary measures need to be taken. One of these is that you bury your wallet under layers of clothes in your suitcases (preferably the hand carry). This is because once you've checked in, you won't be needing your wallet anymore, so there's no point in giving any pickpocket a chance to steal your cash and cards. If there's important identity cards and passport that you'll need at the airport, you can always carry a small travel bag specially designed to serve the purpose.

4. Use TSA Accepted Locks

Most of us are at complete ease knowing we've secured our suitcases with locks, only to find out they were broken during security checks. Back to square 1? Well luckily they've allowed a certain category of locks that can be unlocked and locked again during security checks. This keeps the travelers at ease too while the TSA checks the luggage during security checks. Therefore you should only get TSA accepted locks if you're travelling within/to/from the United States to keep your luggage secure.

5. Avoid using Hotel Lockers and Safe

Many of us get excited when we see a spacious wardrobe and lockers in the hotel rooms we're staying at. Bear in mind that your hotel room can be accessed by a number of hotel employees. Similarly many burglars have access to lockers and shared storage spaces and you would not want to risk your belongings by relying on any of these.   As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, its best that you carry only important items with you when you're on the move. If you are carrying valuable items, investing in a good travel insurance is one of the best things you can do to achieve peace of mind throughout your trip.

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