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Top 5 Features In Business Class that You Won’t Find In Economy

Our ancestors have dreamed about flying in the air like birds. Nowadays, people are capable to fly even higher and faster. Huge metal structures get up in the sky and transport cargos and passengers over enormous distances. However, people are not a regular cargo and prefer comfortable conditions during a flight.

Air carriers realize that customers have various views on flight conditions and some people are ready to pay more for some privileges. Such approach resulted in the division of flight conditions into three categories – first, business, and economy. The modern trend is aimed at unification of the premium categories and creation of a single business class product. Perhaps, there will be only two classes in the nearest future, who knows. Nevertheless, the bulk of population chooses between coach and business class for regular flights, long and short-haul flights, last minute flights and other options provided by air companies. So, what is the difference?

Privileged Boarding

Any flight begins after entering an airport. Regular passengers head to check-in desks and then spend time in waiting areas. Premium customers are released from any possible lines for check-in and are provided with an access to the comfortable lounge area to relax before a flight. As soon as an aircraft is ready to take in passengers, customers who have paid almost twice more enter the aircraft above all others. The same situation relates to leaving the plane upon arrival to destination.


Contemporary business class products stipulate the increased privacy for passengers subject to direct access to the aisle, separate places at windows, optional dividers between seats for middle rows etc. Economy class customers still remain in less comfortable circumstances when those who are seated at windows have to interrupt their neighbors to get to the aisle. It is a frustration especially when a long-haul flight is ahead.


In fact, premium class cabins are not equipped with beds in the accustomed meaning of this word. It is the first class by some prominent airlines including Emirates and Etihad offering suites with both bed and seat. However, if your airfare is twofold more than a regular coach place, you will have an opportunity to turn your seat into a bed. It is not a secret that seats in the upper class are wider and longer. In addition, several manipulations result in a flatbed for a passenger to have a comfortable sleep during a flight.

Restaurant Menu

Almost any reader has experienced food options offered to economy class customers in the air. As a rule, the assortment is limited to two or three main course plus some subtle supplements. If you are lucky to be upgraded to business, be prepared to discover a new world of gastronomic pleasure. Many air companies tend to create their flight menus in cooperation with prominent restaurants and chefs. As a result, passengers can experience real restaurant-like dishes right during the flight. Besides, a small bonus is a glass of champagne served to customers before the flight.

Amenity Kit

We cannot say that this feature is a remarkable thing but still coach passengers have never seen this small package on their seats. Every business class customer is provided with the so-called amenity kit containing various useful items like dentist set, eye shades, cream, balm, shaving set, and other miscellaneous branded products for hygiene purposes.

The gap between these two classes is not enormous but it is. It is up to you which one to choose. So, make a proper choice.

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