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My Canvas Backpack from Bagail

To be honest, I almost forgotten backpack-styled bag since I graduated from school. Not because I don’t like them anymore but I find shoulder and hand bags more feminine. Gladly, I stumbled upon on this site called that offers a wide array of bags perfect for us, women. From backpack to hand carry bags to shoulder bags, name it! This site has the best and wonderful bags that you could ever think of. Of course, everything listed at Bagail are all stylish and looks pretty much cooler than I think.

As a frequent traveler and a warrior of over-the-weekend getaway, I opted to switched on travel backpack over suitcase for the comfort and convenient it brings. Plus, a backpack is more than enough for an overnight stuff. I know, you would agree!!! 

Going back to the site, offers convenient, hassle-free transaction and most of all, value for money items that everyone, especially those in a tight budget, look for. Last month, I got this canvas backpack in blue with beautiful details. And I’ve been hearing a lot of compliments since the day I used it. Aside from that, this bag is way too perfect for all my stuff that I bring whenever I travel. It has laptop section, pockets in and out and even on both sides. Two things that stands out for me is one, it has a heavy-duty stitch that already connotes that it would stays longer and two, even it is jam-packed with my things such as cameras, laptop, phones, gadgets chargers, toiletries and clothing good for two nights, I don’t feel any pain on my back and shoulder.
What I like more about Bagail is that they were honest to their customer. I remembered when I first ordered a backpack and then they immediately reached out to me and told me that they can no longer sell the chosen bag because the license has been revoked. Having a seller that has a perspective of having a customer in mind first makes them standout and be love by its consumer. More so, they are selling everything in a very affordable price and some were also on sale. So yeah, affordability without compromising the quality. Well, I am actually planning to order another one again for my upcoming trip in Bali next year. 

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