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Postcards from Siargao + 3D2N Itinerary

Gone are the days that gifts for birthdays and anniversaries were all about material things that money can buy. I guess, being in a relationship for nine years also deals with maturity and looking for something more meaningful that adds value to each personalities and gains experience.  So, when the travel bug bites me, since then, I always look forward for more travels and getaways with my family and loved ones. On P’s birthday, we went to Siargao, a beautiful island located at the south of the Philippines in Surigao del Norte, which is already part of Mindanao. Hmm… I noticed that 2017 was mostly about Mindanao. Can’t wait to share all my travel experiences on the next blog posts. So, please stay tuned!

Siargao is the top Philippines destination for surfers but for non-surfers there is always something to do. This place is a home for us, it is non-crowded, everyone is so friendly and accommodating, and cheap! Yes, for travelers on a budget, go and explore the province, you’ll get a different dimension and yet, it is not a pain on the budget. For me, Siargao is a laidback place where the clock was ticking quite slow and seems like it gave me a very productive day. Here, everything was so relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Welcome to Siargao!

As I look back on my trip, I liked and loved how I just sat at the Cloud 9’s viewing deck, sipped my coffee as I enjoyed watching the surfers battled and went on with the waves. That was so breathtaking view. It made me smile and appreciates how wonderful our world is. So without further ado, please check out my Siargao 3-day “relax” itinerary which is also suited well for first timers and or vacationers.

Siargao 3D/2N Itinerary:
Day 1
To Do:
7:45AM - 8:15AM
Flight from Cebu to Siargao
I booked an early flight to maximize the day.
8:15AM - 10:00
Travel from Sayak Airport to Hotel
Van fare is at Php 300 per person. It is advisable to booked ahead of time. Though, tricycle or habal-habal is also available for the same rate. Travel time is at an estimate of 1.5 hours.
10:30AM - 11:00AM
Check-in at Arka Hayahay
Php 2,500 for an overnight stay in a deluxe room with breakfast good for 2 persons.
11:00AM - 1:00PM
Free time. Freshen-up. Lunch. Nap
We had lunch at Arka Hayahay restaurant, quite pricey but it's good. ~Php 150 per person.
1:00PM - 4:00PM

Island Hopping:

         - Naked Island (Entrance Fee: Php 10)

         - Guyam Island (Entrance Fee: Php 50) 

         - Dako Island

The resort's receptionist helped us with our tour bookings, from habal-habal to island hopping.

Boat rental is at Php 1,500, good for 3-4 persons.
4:00PM - 4:30PM
Freshen up.

4:30PM - 5:30PM
Snack at Shaka
Habal-Habal fare is Php 7 per person. Your Healthy Alternatives! Tried their Power Bowl and it was so yummy! ~ Php 300
5:30PM - 6:00PM
Cloud 9
Relaxing moment at the boardwalk.
Day 2
To Do:
7:00AM - 8:00AM
Breakfast at Arka Hayahay Restaurant
We had bacon and egg with rice.
8:00AM - 5:00PM

Island Hopping:

         - Sugba Lagoon

         - Magpupungko Rock Pool Formation

A wholeday tour, we rented a habal-habal with driver for Php 500 that took us to this places. Warning: expect a numb butt due to long drive. 

Boat rental going to Sugba Lagoon is at ~Php 1,700 good for 5-7 persons. 

Magpupungko has an entrance fee of Php 50.00 per person.
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Freshen up.

6:00PM - 7:00PM
There's a carinderia in front of the resort, we had adobo, fried fish, rice, and soft drinks. All of that for a less than a Php 100 which is laready good for the two of us. Yay!
Day 3
To Do:
7:00AM - 8:00AM
Breakfast at Arka Hayahay Restaurant
Another day, another bacon, egg with rice.
7:00AM - 10:00AM

Cloud 9

Snack at Café Lokal
We spent our last day at Cloud 9. Had a snack at Café Lokal.
10:00AM - 10:30AM

11:00AM - 1:00PM
Travel from Hotel to Sayak Airport

Postcards from Siargao

Naked Island

Chillin' like a villain at Daku Island. Haha

Diving at Sugba Lagoon

while waiting for the food, gossiping with the boyfie

At Arka Hayahay frontdesk

Sun-bathing at Naked Island

Cloud 9 boardwalk

Daku Island

Breakfast at Arka Hayahay (blog post soon)

Chillin' in front of Cafe Lokal with the view of Cloud 9 boardwalk

Cafe Lokal

Magpupungko Island

the famous Cloud 9 boardwalk


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