Hong Kong Disneyland – The Happiest Place on Earth

When someone ask me, what is my happy place? I would promptly say, Disneyland!!! Am I sure that many of us love Disneyland, simply because at Disneyland every corner is magical and there is a happily ever after. But for me, Disneyland is a place where I can just be happy, no problem, no negativity, everything that I see is vibrant and bright, each corner connotes innocence and happiness, and yes, princesses and prince charming’s do exist. Gee… this place is a wonderful and happy place to be! Indeed, it is the happiest place on earth!

So, 2 years ago I did my very first out of the country trip. That was summer of 2016 when my girlfriends and I booked a flight to Hong Kong. One place that stuck on my mind was, Disneyland. Yes, everything sounds surreal and first trip abroad will be about visiting the happiest place on earth. However, the weather didn’t cooperate with us. 

the mandatory photo op at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland

Welcome, Mickey!

the magical fireworks display

During our stay, it was gloomy in Hong Kong and was raining on and off on the day that we were at Disneyland. Our itinerary wouldn’t let us to reschedule it that’s why we just enjoyed what store for us on a rainy day. Since it was raining hard, no parade but fireworks display was present but not extravagant but still magical. And these are the things that I will look forward for the next visit. Tip No.1Always check the weather but in cases that you can do nothing about it, schedule your visit as soon as you arrived so you can still figure out if you will reschedule it if it is a gloomy day or just push it.

It was raining and having a hard time capturing more photos, some rides were closed though due to the bad weather and aside from that, we arrived at around two o’clock in the afternoon that’s why we haven’t explore the amusement park that much. By the way, fireworks display starts at around six in the evening. Tip No.2 – Come early to enjoy different rides and for you to explore the place, there will be long lines in some rides that could eat up too much waiting time, be prepared.

MTR handrail

just dropped-off from the MTR, seems like we were in a different world, much happier

posing with Sofia the 1st!

couldn't miss this! 

It’s a small world after all. I so love this place. It made me more appreciative and grateful for everything. Plus, hearing a tagalog version of the song makes me proud that I am a Filipino and of course, yeah, join the fun – sing the song. Guys, despite of not-so-good weather, the boyfriend, the girlfriends and I really had a fun times at Hong Kong Disneyland. It brought us so much joy and made us dream even bigger. 

the girlfriends with matchy-matchy outfits

spot Mickey?

who says its gloomy?

an entry to the happiest on earth!

Happy inside and out
in 2016, Hong Kong Disneyland celebrated its 10th year anniversary!

MTR going to Disneyland

I shall hang on to the string and fly.
rides and rides and rides!
Mickey's at night.
daydreaming? hmm... definitely, it's real!
and they lived happily ever after!

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