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The First-Ever Lakeside Pool Party at Club Balai Isabel

I’ve been frequent to Club Balai Isabel because of the relax ambiance that it has aside from the beautiful view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Well, nothing beats a sweet escape from two hours away from the chaos of Metro Manila. Meanwhile, my recent getaway at Club Balai Isabel was something new that I am looking forward for it to happen again anytime soon. Club Balai Isabel held its first-ever Lakeside Pool Party at Kumintang Pool with guest disc jockey, DJ Marvelous. Sounds good? Yes, of course! That was a night of booze, music, dance, bubbles and party until three in the morning.

It was also my first ever lakeside pool party experience. Aside from partying all night, we also had a chance to play beer pong while wet and soaked with bubbles with my blogger friends. Glad to have the company of Ate Jinkee of and JayL of who had so much energy that night. Hmmm… I think you can already guess who were the last man standing? When you have friends who are fun to be with and with so much life in and out of the party scene, who can say no, right? We went back to our room past two in the morning with a hint of coming back however, due to lack of sleep and seemingly the weariness kicks in, we ended up sleeping after taking a bath.

Lakeside Pool Party at Club Balai Isabel

Kumintang Pool setup for the party

DJ Marvelous on the stage testing the sounds

while us are lounging by the pool - with JayL and Ate Jinkee

waiting to get the party started

happy kiddos!

more bubbles, more fun

beer pong and yes, we won!

We woke up early the next day and had breakfast at Terraza Restaurant and did an awesome watersport. We had jet ski, banana boat and I just skipped the Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park while the rest took the adventure. Not feeling well at that time so I'd rather skipped it than regret it afterwards. Well, it was good to know that the group had fun. Each and every one had its fair share of story to tell with a big smile painted on their faces. It was a quick getaway and yet loaded with so much fun, brought happy experiences and memories worth sharing. The question now, when will be the next Lakeside Pool Party? Hopefully, it will be anytime soon, I think pool party in summer sounds good. 

breakfast with a view! 


banana boat 

Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park 

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