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Merry Christmas 2018

Happy Birthday, Papa Jesus! Aside from giving gifts, family reunions, gatherings, and the likes… Christmas is all about… “the Christ is born!” … and seems like, nowadays, we intentionally forget what we are celebrating for! What these holidays are all about... that me, myself, is being guilty of, based on my observation. I tend to look at it, as a double pay (hooray for more moolah!), get together with friends and family members that I haven't seen for a long time, high school reunions, and shopping for gifts… because seems like you’re not cool enough if you don’t give gifts even to someone you rarely know and not giving something in return if someone gives you presents. Oh well… it sucks, or I must say, I sucks… trying to look nice.

Fast forward to today, I realized that life is not about making money, look good and nice to your acquaintances but more of showering love, kindness (with the purest intention of your heart’s desires), to be caring and sharing my time with the people who matters most to me are the best to live. For the past months, I’ve been working so hard, that made me forget the whys and rational behind working hard. That there were people taken for granted because I felt that material things could make up for it. And with that, God awaken my senses, that there’s more to live, that I could be betrayed and yet, trust a million times again, that I could fall and rise again, that I could be live a happier life while enjoying my passion and most importantly, there are people that look after me, without me knowing it. That at the end of the day, “being kind so that the universe will be kind to me” works in a world of chaos. And of course, there’s something to be thankful for every single day.

So lucky, that after years, I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family and relatives without the need of checking the clock from time to time to ensure that everything is in good shape at work, that I could see the smile and how bright the glares of my nieces eyes as they opened their gifts from me, that I could be drunk and wake up late the next day and just enjoy the night, the Christmas eve. Oh well… it feels great and love the feeling that made me think that… this is the true meaning of Christmas Day - it's all about love, generosity, sharing and spending time with your loved ones. By the way, I also made it to wrap my presents in a more Christmas-sy vibe (gee… need more practice though) and had an exchanged gift with the family and relatives. Hmm… sounds like I’m having progress the way I spent time with them.

Meanwhile, sharing the photos I had for today and yesterday. It’s an all-out fun with the people that I love and matters most to me. So yeah, here I am wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy Holidays, Loves!

Merry Christmas! 

with my nieces, sister and sister-in law with her sister and nephews

family and relatives

on Christmas Day, P's family decided to have a buffet lunch at Vikings Megamall

with P's family

the mandatory photo op in front of the restaurant - dress up in a Christmas vibe

and with that... it deserves a selfie, right? Wishing you a Happy Holidays!

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