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2019. Of New Beginnings and Opportunities

Happy 2019! A new year, a new beginning and making new opportunities. Well, it’s never too late to list down the things/happenings you’re thankful for from the previous year and the things/happenings you wanted to change for the betterment of your human being as you live your life as the day comes by in this year of the pig, 2019. It is always great to start the new year with a grateful heart as it will make everything fall into the right places. If you have read my “Merry Christmas 2018” post you definitely have a hint of what I’ve had been in 2018. And yes, you may still read it >>> here just in case you missed it! *wink* Most of the times, God has its mysterious way of pinching us for us to wake up from what we thought is good for us, well, as for my case it was like a wake-up call of knowing what is important and what is not, that people come and go to teach us lessons and those who stay with us are the ones who will help us win our battles and value our existence, these people are we often called as friends -- a family that we chose to have. And with that alone, I am already grateful that I am surrounded with people who are so kind and with a beautiful heart. Thank you, big G!

As I say an ibid goodbye to the year it was, I'm thankful that these things happened in 2018: 
  • Visited two countries: Indonesia and Taiwan.
  • Been exploring the country and visited new places such as Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, Dingalan in Aurora, and Calauit in Palawan 
  • Went to Bohol, Cebu and Palawan with the family. #alwaysthebesttrip 
  • Gigs such as photo shoots and hotel reviews. 
  • Blog-related opportunities with NLEX, visited Bataan and there's an upcoming travel with them this year. 
  • For knowing KKDayPH as it offers comfort and convenient throughout your travel tours in and out of the country, especially in Taiwan. 
  • amba Hotels for giving that luxury and comfortable accommodation way perfect after a tiring and yet fun of touring around Taiwan. 
  • Direct advertisers that provided me an extra income that I spent and could spend in leisure. 
  • My mentors in a corporate world that taught me how to value myself and how to read between the lines. 
  • For reaching my 10th year anniversary at work, so now, I have an option to avail that "Early Retirement Plan" perk. 
  • Colleagues, who pulled me down and showed their true colors. With that, I reaffirmed that "respect begets respect," "be kind and the universe will be kind to you," and above all, I know who my allies and true friends are. 
  • FRIENDS, that sometimes I taken for granted but still present when I needed shoulder to cry on, that I got hugs without me asking for it, and the mere fact that they pick me up in times that I was broken into pieces and lifted me up with their great advices. Thank you so much! 
  • FAMILY, for supporting me in every decision that I’ve made. Which included of me getting bum if I’ll push thru with my resignation and avail that early retirement plan. 
  • PAUL, the boyfriend. For listening to my sentiments and understanding my tantrums even though he had nothing to do with it. Plus, for booking me a round trip ticket to Taiwan when I said that I already submitted my resignation letter and I was so sad. He also treated me to a luxurious staycation in Tagaytay. 
  • BUSINESS. The plot twist of my 2018. Due to changes and decision I made for my career at corporate world, I found more time fulfilling my passions and making my dreams to reality and that includes opening a new business venture via Airbnb. >>> book here
  • PEACE OF MIND, contemplated for the things that matters to me, what’s important and knowing that there’re people who values me, I rest my case, and with that I’m more relaxed and at peace. 
  • HAPPINESS which came after having a peace of mind. Enjoyed the essence of simplicity and being surrounded by kindest personalities at work, in blogging community and in my life. 
  • GOD. That I have a big GOD to have the best things in life and experience those that money cannot afford. 

With these life happenings, I can now move forward with a grateful heart and bring these life lessons that I learned from the year it was. Surely, this year of the pig will be more of: 
  • Spending time with the Family and more travels with them. 
  • Quality time with Paul, the boyfriend. 
  • Hangouts with Friends (who are getting more mature as discussion revolves around business, future life, investment and more investments, and having baby?!) 
  • Business, explore more business opportunities. 
  • Travel, more places and countries to visit. 
  • Blogging, be consistent with my posting. 
  • Putting my best foot forward at work as an Automation Developer. 
  • Charity works. 
  • TIME with the Big G! ❤️

2019. Of New Beginnings and Opportunities.

Thank you 2018, next! How about you, any new year resolution slash wish list for this year? I would love to know and maybe, we can work together in achieving our goals. Be happy! 

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