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The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

Now, more than ever, people are giving themselves permission to take advantage of the benefits of cosmetic procedures. Gone are the days where it was considered to be something unspoken or something only done by those who are rich. Getting work done is now an acceptable and accessible part of modern life, whether it’s revision rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills or a simple nip and tuck in Tulsa.

That said, the pressure to appear perfect can take its toll on a person’s time, energy, and income. People will take thousands of pictures only to post the one that they think is the perfect representation of what they believe they look like. There is pressure to look thinner and more beautiful, and with this pressure comes emotional distress. There are pros and cons of having cosmetic procedures. Here we review the pros and cons of having plastic surgery with some sort of plastic surgery guide.


1. Confidence is boosted and alters the attitude of the person. Having the surgery can be just the boost needed in order to feel better about oneself. The change in attitude is an upbeat transformation which affects not just the physical, but the mental too.

2. Improved appearance can benefit the person superficially. Again, this may be the confidence boost needed in order to go forward and do great things.

3. The feeling of being more accepted among peers is a great feeling. Being accepted among one's own peers is the feeling of being at home.

4. More physical comfort - losing an extra fifty pounds or losing the extra fat in an area could make it beneficial if you can now stand up for longer or no longer have back issues. Having extremely large breasts may be in the way of enjoying life and going to work. If there are back and spine issues and problems with the alignment of the back, then certainly choosing the route of surgery is best.


1. Now that the surgery is complete the person may feel that they are not certain if people liked the real them or the "fake" version. A person could feel less in tune with themselves.

2. Though rare, complications associated with cosmetic surgery procedures are possible. This can happen when you have not properly researched the surgeon or have not shared your full medical history in order to combat all of the possibilities.

3. The surgery changes the physical, but does nothing for the emotional and mental parts of a person. The whole person has to be dealt with in order for the choice to feel positive. Some people may be even more lost than before the surgery.

There are always two ways to look at having plastic surgery. There is certainly not enough education in order to reach people on the inside and then work towards the outward. It seems to be easier and quicker to simply make the change on the outside. Certainly people with obvious flaws can benefit from having the surgery. The other side is the great benefit it could bring to your overall life and health.

Ultimately, there is no wrong answer. The individual choice is to be happy and to change life for the better. The improved self esteem could be the perfect boost in order to move forward with a more uptempo attitude.

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