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3 Travel Souvenirs Actually Worth the Money

There's nothing as intrinsically tied to vacation as souvenirs.  Although most goodies people bring back are usually seen as a desk decoration or shot glasses: not every souvenir is worthless.  Instead of buying golf balls with the name of the destination across the front of them: buy one of these goodies that can help improve your life after you get back home!

    Utilitarian Goods

    Although you may think that buying mugs or cups are too small of a souvenir: these are the most used gifts when brought back.  Mugs can be used to eat and drink anything you want, of course, but they can also be used to store pens on desks, hold a toothbrush in the bathroom, or even doubling as a plant holder.  It's small enough that you can buy tons of them without having to look at Burlington houses for sale to store all of them.

    This also works for any cups, silverware, or other goods you can use in the kitchen.  No souvenir is too small if it's put to good use!

    Building A Collection That Makes You Happy

    Although you don't need to collect something to be fun or exciting, having a collection can make it feel like a scavenger hunt any time you travel.  This can range from shot glasses with city names, fun keychains, or pressed pennies that have been stretched with a design unique to the area.  Although this may feel a little hokey, it's better to buy things to build a collection than just random one-off objects that catch your eyes.

    A collection can even be tee-shirts that have the name of the place you went or of an event you could attend.  Pay attention to not have any repeats, and be creative!  Make sure to only purchase the shirts in person; it's more fun than ordering them online after.  This can also be fantastic in the winter when cities have unique 'ugly sweaters' based on their areas.

    Local Unique Art

    Pay attention to the local arts in every area.  What’s the most popular style that can represent where you’re visiting?  No matter where you'll go, you'll be able to find a piece that will suit your home.  Purchasing real art instead of just something random can give you beautiful things to decorate your home with to make you remember your travels.

    Supporting local arts will allow you to keep up the thriving economy of the area while also getting something unique that nobody else has.  Make sure to research a room first, though, to ensure you're not buying anything that's a fake or remake, unless you don't mind doing that.

    Traveling in itself is a fantastic and fun way to spend your time, getting to make memories and seeing things you may have never seen before.  Bringing back anything can help extend those memories: make sure that you plan!  Although looking at a sticker on your car can be fun, it's better to have something that you'll get to enjoy for years to come.


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