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Cozier Home with Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest

Most of us are staying indoor, at the comfort of our very home because of the pandemic. For me, the longest that I stayed at home since college. At first, it was thrilling and exciting as I had a lot of things at home that needs my attention – cleaning, decluttering, fixing, and some stuff that was taken for granted because I was “busy” living the life that I’ve always wanted. Days became months, and now it's been a year since the first announcement that Metro Manila will be in community quarantine. Well, better safe than sorry, right?

Cozier Home with Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest
comfy seats at CCL Cafe

While at home, I realized that what I, actually, need in life are found within our home, just a little re-arrangement from here and there, add some fancy décor, beautiful and comfy linens, and voila – a cozy place to stay with; same fee of a fancy hotel, and everyday seems like a staycation. However, working-from-home is quite a challenge in the long run – it was exhausting, tiring and not good for the mental health. Thus, I got addicted with air purifier, diffuser and fragrances with a hint of calming scents, similar of spas and of hotels. And so, when I got a chance to grace Krafty Scents by Krafty Nest launch held at CCL Café in Makati City – I took it as a chance to be exposed on other scents and products that would make my place cozier and homier while keeping my mental health healthy amidst pandemic.

Cozier Home with Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest
CCL Cafe also sells pre-arranged dried flowers; and here's me can't stop to adore them.

It is really true that when you are frustrated of something, you’ve got to think of what is the best thing to ease the case; with that, the birth of Krafty Scents. Being protected from the virus by applying alcohol, hand sanitizers and the likes are must have nowadays and it’s kind of annoying that the smell is so strong and it somehow dry our skin. And with that, Mr. Nikko Baluyot created fragrances that works.

Cozier Home with Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest
beautiful table setup -- for us to try the Krafty Scents

Krafted Scents
candles carefully handcrafted with relaxing scents that would turn my environment into a calming ambiance. The scents are surprisingly, rejuvenating and soothing… so whenever I need a mood reset to clear my mind and switch on my creative juices to have it flow freely – I just lit a “Love is Alive” Krafty Nest scented candle, which is my favorite! I also got the hand sanitizer which I always keep on my bag so when I need to be out for important errands – I am cared and protected.

Cozier Home with Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest
"Love is Alive" --- my love!

Cozier Home with Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest
"Midnight" Krafty Scents

Krafty Scents candles are available in 4 variants – Love is Alive, Freeze, Midnight, Illusion and Déjà vu. By the way, hand sanitizer with moisturizer and diffuser are also available. For more info, please visit Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest on Instagram, Facebook or order thru Shopee

Cozier Home with Krafty Scents x Krafty Nest
"Freeze" Krafty Scents; dried flowers in tubes

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