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Keep hydrated, everyday!

It’s so freaking hot outside and keeping ourselves hydrated is a must! Living in a tropical country and so, the always-summer-weather! I admit, I’ve been in my life that drinking water consistently was something I was guilty about. Simply because, I used to drink sodas and juices and some sort of drinks that has flavors. It was not healthy, I agree! That’s why, when I got sick, I looked for alternatives on how I am going to enjoy my water and keep hydrated all the time in a healthy way.

Keep hydrated, everyday!
KEEPTO half galloon

One of the fancy things that keeps me on track with my water journey is by having a water jug with time marker. Isn’t so nice to keep an eye to your progress with this water container that has marker to remind you that it is time for you water with kind words for that little push? Well, I did and still do. I always keep this jug in my table so I would be reminded to drink my water.

Keep hydrated
water jug with time marker

Water infused with fruits and herbs such as lemon, apple, cucumber, orange and mint leaves are also my go-to fix whenever I am craving for something that has flavor in it. I love my an added vitamins coming from these fruits on my drink as well. Plus, it has more benefits, especially if you are into weight loss or being constipated. My favorite is water infused with lemon, orange and mint leaves – it was so refreshing and way perfect for the hot weather of Metro Manila.

More so, you can also use an app to track your water intake hourly or every two hours, depending on your likings. I had mine set every two hours to have more time in between take. And then after a week or so, I adjusted it to every an hour and by then… my habit in terms of drinking my water became more consistent and I feel more light and healthy.

Drinking water regularly (which 8 glasses or more, everyday!) has plenty of benefits such as but not limited to the following:

  • carrying nutrients and oxygen to our cells 
  • flushing bacteria from your bladder 
  • aiding digestion 
  • prevent constipation 
  • normalize blood pressure 
  • stabilizing heartbeat 
  • protect organs and tissues 
  • regulating body temperature 
  • maintains electrolyte (sodium) balance

And so, giving our body enough fluids to carry out those tasks means that we are staying hydrated. Which connotes and healthy body and well-being. Keep hydrated!

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