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The best luxury hotels to visit in Malaysia having own casinos.

Earlier people used to go to the land based casinos for gambling and other betting related activities. With the advent of the Internet, the concept changed as people started playing online games and betting sitting from the comfort of their home. Online casinos started replacing the land based casinos very fast and to keep up with the trend, many land based casinos also started opening up a website so that their existing customers continue playing sitting from the comfort of their home and office. They do not want their existing customers to shift to other casinos.

The concept became further popular with the arrival of the Smartphone. As the use of Smartphone became more popular and widespread, more people have developed the idea of playing through the online casinos. But not all of these casinos are genuine as many of them have developed a bad reputation of duping away with the players money. So, while playing online, keep in mind that you must choose a reliable casino so that your money remains safe. You must go through a good casino review before you choose the right casino as your platform.

    But playing games in a land based casino used to generate fun in many ways. The part of playing games was accompanied by food and drinks and people used to enjoy a lot of extra fun and activities. There was a fun filled social life associated with the gambling related activities. But with the increasing popularity of the online casino games, these types of activities have come to a standstill and some players really miss those moments. To go back to those days of glory, some people go for casino vacations in places like Malaysia. The country of Malaysia has some wonderful hotels which houses one of the largest and beautiful casinos of the world.

    The best luxury hotels to visit in Malaysia having own casinos.
    Genting Grand Premier Room

    If you are going for a trip to Malaysia and is planning to do gambling then you can try any one of the following four hotels. These hotels have an excellent ambiance and house a casino which can simply be described as the gambler’s paradise. Your trip will be full of fun and entertainment if you book your stay in any one of the following hotels:

    Resorts World Genting Crockfords Hotel

    Situated very close to SkyCasino, one of the biggest casinos in the world, Crockfords Hotel is considered to be a hidden gem in Genting Highland in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The guests will be enjoying a 5-star treatment along with a few games in the adjacent SkyCasino. The hotel has got a few luxurious suites with some in-room private steam bath along with good food and drinks and lots of other luxuries. There are also many modern and up to date casinos in the surrounding area.

    The interior of the SkyCasino is equally attractive place for gaming. The casino has a huge gaming space with an excellent forest theme interior. There is a huge general gaming space for the guests where the general players can sit and play. On the other hand, there is also Sky Casino Silver Club for those who want to avail some private experience by playing in slots, electronic table games and many more.

    When you are not in gaming mood, you can enjoy a drink in any one of the bars, especially the Fuhu Bar where you can enjoy a wonderful dining experience where you can also enjoy some of the nightlife scenes. The hotel organizes live shows which happen quite frequently.

    Resorts World Maxims

    This hotel has been declared by Forbes Travel Guide as one of the finest properties of the world in the year 2018. You will be very much charmed by the elegance of this great property. It has got a wonderful ambiance and the decorations across the wall are mind blowing. The peculiarity of this hotel is that it caters to only gambling and casino guests, the Genting Reward Members who are Gold accredited and above and very few selected travel agents only.

    The property is located on the top of a mountain. The guests can enjoy the wonderful views of the area by having a look from the mountain top. The famous Chin Swee Caves Temple is a must look in the country of Malaysia. The hotel also serves wonderful services like a pampering massage or can enjoy a wonderful ride at the theme parks. Families enjoy a whole day time spent at the theme park to a great extent. There is also the option of riding the Skyway Cable Car for getting some wonderful views of the Genting Highlands. The famous SkyCasino or the Genting Grand Casino is a mere five minute walk away from this famous hotel. In other words, in addition to the casino facilities, there are many other tourist attractions for the families who come to this hotel for a vacation. Hence this is considered to be one of the best hotels for the tourists in the entire Malaysia.

    Resorts World Awana

    This resort is located in the Mid-Hill area where it is a good option for the guests who prefer to enjoy a few days from the busy activities of the city and stay in a posh, green environment with a wonderful mountain range in the backdrop. Just like other posh hotels, this one also has close access to SkyCasino, which is considered to be a gambler’s paradise to the gamblers. There is also Genting Grand Casino which is also a great place of attraction to those who prefer to play online casino.

    Resorts World Genting Grand

    This hotel is located at the peak of Genting Highlands in the famous city of Kuala Lumpur. There are many night clubs and bars in and around the hotel and the guests can enjoy the night life there. In many of these hotels, there is a casino where the guests can have a nice fun time. In spite of this, this hotel has got its own casino named as Genting Casino.

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