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Are you GoodAh? The Joy of Giving and a Filipino Love Language for Community and Connections

The new normal tends to be quite afar from family, friends and even loved ones. Keeping everyone safe is the main priority and responsibility of mankind to this date. But of course, with technology and innovation that surround us, it is quite easy to make our family, friends and loved ones to feel loved and despite the distance, strengthen the connections. Afterall, we are Filipino – known for hospitality and being thoughtful amidst the chaos, right? Where checking in on someone, starts with “Kumain ka na ba?

While online orders and deliveries is the new norms, gifts in the form of delightful dishes are the one of the love languages that being optimized. A gesture that will surely surprise the receiver. And so, just in time for lunch – I sent GoodAh!!! Salo-salo meal to one of my closest friends (whom I call “Ate”) that I haven’t seen for a long time because of the pandemic. Thanks to Grab Food and Food Panda for making this “kamustahan” hassle-free! Hi, Ate Joy, enjoy the sumptuous treats from GoodAh!!! and me *wink* Stay safe, always! *kisses*

We, Pinoys, with our culture and upbringing, are well-versed with the use of food as showing care, concern, and love – from our pasalubongs and pabaons, to our hating-kapatids and handa for visitors and giant boodle feasts. We nurture and cherish one another through these shared gastronomic experiences. Nothing communicates thoughtfulness and care quite like taking a bite of your favorite ulam, courtesy of your mama, your lolo, your tita, your BFFs. In the Philippines, when we say comfort food, WE. TRULY. MEAN. IT.

Are you GoodAh? The Joy of Giving and a Filipino Love Language for Community and Connections

Giving that comfort to our loved ones is now more important than ever, what with the stress and anxiety brought on by the ongoing lockdown. While the initial shock and fear from the start of the pandemic has somewhat mellowed, most people now report experiencing lingering feelings of dull, dreary numbness. Psychologists call this condition languishing; a state where a person feels drained of vitality and joy—i.e., a serious case of the blahs. While not yet depression, it is the absence of well-being, where you start to feel unfocused, demotivated, and stagnant -- and they say it will be the world’s prevailing mood for the rest of the year.

While we have no choice but to hunker down in our homes, physically quarantined and cut off from our usual outdoor activities, it is important that we take care not only of our own mental health but the mental health of our loved ones as well. Even our most mundane social interactions are now things to be treasured, and the act of sitting down and sharing a good meal, in particular, has become one of our most meaningful emotional lifelines; a way for us to connect and support one another through these difficult and exhausting times.

This sense of community is something GoodAh!!! wants to bring to every gathering, through its Salo-Salo meals. The homegrown food chain store, already popular for its iconic take on the classic lugaw and tapsilog, today boasts an array of viands that would be mainstays in any Pinoy table spread, all put together in convenient bundle sets you can order through delivery and share with your family and friends, hassle-free.

There are four different Salo-Salo meals to choose from. Those craving good savory meals can choose between Set A with Pork Ribs, Kare-Kare, and Garlic Kangkong with Pork and Set B with Pork Bistek, Pork Sinigang, and Daing na Bangus. If you want a more celebratory feel, you can also opt for Set C with GoodAh!!!’s signature Herbed Chicken, Pork Liempo, and Pinakbet, or Set D with large Crispy Pata, Beef Nilaga, and Lumpiang Shanghai. Each Salo-Salo set costs less than P1,000, but what’s even better is that GoodAh!!! is currently offering at least 20 percent discount on all of them.

Are you GoodAh? The Joy of Giving and a Filipino Love Language for Community and Connections
Set B Salo-salo meal: Pork Bistek, Sinigang and Daing na Bangus

So, this is the perfect time to do a customary welfare check on your family and friends, banish those blahs by offering comfort beyond what mere words can express, the way only the best food can. Because for us Pinoys, nothing could be more welcome than a good helping of delicious Kare-Kare, or mouthwatering Crispy Pata, or piping-hot Sinigang to warm the heart.

“O, kumusta na kayo? Are you GoodAh?”

GoodAh!!! is available for 25-hour delivery via GrabFood and Food Panda. Customers can also call its Sucat, Bicutan, Timog, and Granada branches during store hours, and check out their website and Facebook to find out more. All meals are prepared following strict safety protocols befitting a restaurant that’s been giving its customers top-notch service for three decades.

Are you GoodAh? The Joy of Giving and a Filipino Love Language for Community and Connections
Packed with TLC. 

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