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4 Benefits Of Having A Third Space

Before the pandemic, a handful of companies offered their employees the perks of working from home. Most of the time, people use this benefit to save money and time from the daily commute and take advantage of having access to all comforts at home. For some, such as single parents or those living far away, working from home is the solution to remain productive and in touch with colleagues. In a sense, the home has become the “second space” for many professionals.

Working in various spots does wonders for our work capabilities and wellness. Here are four benefits of having a third workspace.
a mini library or a separate space aside from your bed will help with the productivity

Since your office is your first space and your home is your second place, it is also vital that you have a third space for working. If you still need convincing why you need one, here are four benefits of having a third space:

    You Increase Productivity

    Increasing productivity is the most benefit of changing work spots from time to time. Sure, working from home may give you a break from the pile of paperwork, cluttered work desk, and bustling city scene outside your office window. However, working in the same spot every day can decrease your productivity and passion for work. Having a third space, such as your favorite coffee shop, library, or co-working space, might just rekindle your passion for your work.

    Seeking productivity doesn’t even have to be outside your home. You may establish your third space in another room or spot in your house. For example, if your home office is in your bedroom, you can work in your living room for a week. Condominium developments like Sheridan Towers may have function rooms or co-working spaces that allow future unit owners to work during their “cloudy” or unproductive days. These amenities may offer comfortable seats, snack bars, and speedy Internet access.

    It Encourages Creativity

    Aside from boosting productivity, having a third space may also boost your creativity. Changing your scenery and environment may unleash the creativity you need for your artwork, manuscript, or ideas for the next board meeting. Plus, you might get rid of the creative rut that has been stopping you from maximizing your full potential.

    Working in various spots does wonders for our work capabilities and wellness. Here are four benefits of having a third workspace.
    incorporate your workstation with things that would bring you positive vibes

    If you want touches of nature, you may choose an open-air area as your third space. For instance, a handful of dining institutions in Mandaluyong have outdoor seating where you can enjoy the outdoors while also letting your creative juices flow.

    You’ll Eliminate Boredom and Familiarity

    Third spaces are crucial as they can prevent you from feeling boredom. Seeing the same desk, setup, and surroundings may snuff out your productivity. The familiarity may also burn you out in the process.

    Think of having a third space as a refresher for your mind and work process. Sometimes, you’ll need new stimuli to promote your eagerness for work and accomplishing tasks. Plus, seeing unique scenery may spark that joy and passion you’ve been missing in your previous workdays.

    You Can Prevent Burn Out

    Tying the three previous benefits, third spaces help you prevent burn out. Not only do you rekindle your dedication to finish your tasks, but you also refresh your mind and body by experiencing new surroundings and stimuli. In other words, you won’t just look after your work progress, but with a third space, you’ll also be looking after your personal welfare.

    In summary, having a third space benefits your career progress and wellness. You’ll encourage productivity and creativity while also eliminating creative rut and potential burnout. Now that you’ve learned the four benefits of having third spaces, it’s time to choose a new spot in your home or neighborhood to maximize your full capacity.

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