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4 Signs Your Home has Good Energy

When buying a home, most homebuyers prioritize location, square footage, amenities, and price. Some buyers even go for secondhand or foreclosed homes to save money. However, not all homes sold as-is are pleasant dwelling places once buyers move in. There are times when they’ll need to call in exorcists and priests to pray over the house and cast away any evil spirit. After all, nobody wants to live with roommates from the other world.

While there are indicators pointing to a haunted home, there are also signs that point to a homey and pleasant abode. If your home has all of these four signs, it is likely that you are living in a ghost-free house:

    You Feel Relaxed, Warm, and Safe

    Paranormal experts say that restless spirits tend to give unsettling feelings to residents. Residents may also feel uneasy and unsafe even if they are in their own homes. On the contrary, your home is most likely ghost-free if you feel relaxed and safe from the day you moved in.

    Of course, interiors and features also make a home a pleasant place. For example, developments such as Suntrust Sentosa Calamba offer well-crafted features and outdoor amenities to unit owners. If a home feels relaxed, warm, and pleasant, you’re less likely to see or feel any ghostly presence while you work or do your hobbies at home.

    Sealing Gaps Makes the Noises Disappear

    Many haunted house stories involve floors creaking, doors closing by themselves, and sudden hums and sounds. It can be unsettling to hear unusual noises in your home, but before you jump to the conclusion that these sounds are because of restless spirits, check if your home has holes, cracks, and gaps that need repairs. If the sounds disappear after you’ve sealed all cracks and openings, then your home is less likely to be haunted by supernatural beings.

    Your Home is Well-Lit

    Paranormal experts say that spirits prefer dimly lit rooms. If your newly purchased home feels a little gloomy, consider installing lighting features to make it brighter and more comfortable. Pendant lamps, chandeliers, tall lamps, and LED lighting fixtures are some of the best options for introducing more light into your home.

    Wondering whether spirits or negative energy live in your home? Here are four signs that point to a ghost-free and conducive home.
    cozy and well-lit space for a more productive self

    Suppose your home has tall and wide windows. Open them to let a bit of fresh air and natural light inside. Screen mesh and blinds are great shields to keep the bugs, birds, drafts, and debris from coming into your home. A well-lit and well-ventilated home will feel more welcoming and comfortable.

    You Wouldn’t Want to Move Elsewhere

    For those who are unfortunate enough to discover that they have unseen roommates, moving out is the best option. But when a home feels safe and welcoming the first time you tour it, you’ve most likely found a peaceful abode that is free of any negative energy. Your home should be the safest and most comfortable place in the world. If it makes you feel unsafe and insecure, then you might be sharing it with something else.

    The bottom line in any home search is getting a feel of the property before finally investing in it. For previously owned homes, it is vital that you assess whether it passes all of these four signs. You should also consider hiring professionals to exterminate any restless soul and bad energy in the property. You wouldn’t want to share your private space with unwelcome guests.


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