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Kids-at-home? How to keep them productive.

In these trying times, the most affected well-being are the kids. My nieces used to be outgoing and can definitely talked to random people not until they were stuck at home – they became shy and quite have a hard time to socialize and mingle with friends. And so, being the extrovert and outgoing Auntie – I see to it that they still able to see random people and once in a while, keep them busy while in the inside and comfort of our home., free games, online games

And so, here’s my top activities to do with the kids-at-home, to keep them busy and productive.

    Learning in a Fun Way

    Technically, it is off school and it is time to splurge on something that keep the kids’ busy. But clock is ticking fast nowadays, and just like that – August is coming and about to start the online schooling for the kids (well, here in Manila) and so, during their stay in my place – Alexa plays a big role in making the learning fun for my 8-year-old niece. How? I gave her list of math problems and she had to answer it manually and to check the answer, she needs to ask Alexa. It was like… her, “Alexa, what is 36 divided by 9?” and Alexa answered, 4. Cool, right?

    Online Games

    You can never go wrong with gadgets. They can find ways on entertaining themselves by the use of it. And so, being an ambassador of promoting work-life-balanced. I see to it that, after an educational learning, they have leisure time where they can spend time playing random free games available online. But wait, I’m such a spoiler Auntie but also strict in terms of what they going to play. With over 100 games to choose from, I highly recommend as it caters games suited for the kids and kids-at-heart – safe to play and a great way to bond with the kids! Plus, I can sneak in some educational games – Math Boy is such a bomb. Must play!, free games, online games
    having a hard time what game to play. 

    And wait, did I mention kids-at-heart? Oh well, pinball was a nostalgic game for me during the dial-up and Pentium era of computers. Yes, you got it right – some times in a day we were just lined up in bed with our iPads and phones and giggling.

    A Walk in the Park

    Just a 30-min or so drive away from my place to BGC, I found this 30th Park in BGC where kids are allowed. I took the chance to took them out and breath some fresh air. It’s been a while since they really went outside and having an outdoor activity once in a while was such a big help to their well-being. We jogged, tried the electric scooter, went to drive-thru after and had a fun and not-so-healthy food fare in the parking.

    Simple things that I wanted them to appreciate – because happy life is composed of being content with all the little and simple things that matter to us.

    Exploring Photo-booth

    Ugh! I didn’t know about this app in my computer not until my nieces were here. Fun times, indeed. Well, I’m glad that I can keep them company with the things that I usually do on my free time and taught them as well on how to edit photos on Lightroom and Photoshop. Hmmm… this one gave us so much laughter because of those goofy faces that we made., online games, free games
    photo-booth with the kiddos

    Coffee Session in a café.

    Yes. You read it right. What I appreciate living in a condo with a strategic location is that… everything is within reach by walking. And so, in a park nearby where there were cafes – the al fresco ones – I treated the two girls with an afternoon coffee session and talked about random things, dream a dream and how to make it a reality. It is better to teach them young and so, it will guide them to do more and be ambitious in setting goals.

    Kids of today are very genius and talented. They have their fair share of what life should be. And I appreciate that their 6 days of staying with me also taught me to value time with my loved ones and patience… lots of patience always go a long way. Stay safe, darlings!

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