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EATscapade Series: C LOUNGE

And so, a new series has started on my blog though, I’ve been meaning to do this since I was able to go out and dine in an al fresco setting since the community quarantine ease down from time to time. Nowadays, meeting with friends is more than a cup of coffee and catching up is more likely, discovering new places in town while enjoying the good food with a great view and never-ending exchange of random stories.

EATscapade Series: C Lounge
seafood pasta in squid sauce

I haven’t gone out of town since January and I was craving for sunset – I do not know but I so love sunset – it reminds me of how beautiful the world that I live in and with that, there is always something to look forward for. The “day in my life” might be so-so, fun, okay or not – regardless – it will end with a cotton candy colored sky. A reminder that – “hey, there are so many things to be thankful about like able to breathe in and out!” 

EATscapade Series: C Lounge
C Lounge wine and spirits cellar

EATscapade Series: C Lounge

Meanwhile, C Lounge is located at the 3rd level of Conrad Hotel Manila; open from 5pm up to 10pm (during our visit), way perfect for dinner with a sunset view and a calming ambiance once the sun sets; the moon and stars take over. It was a breath of fresh air and sight even though; I was just in the city. Walk-in is allowed but I’d rather recommend to make a reservation as the al fresco is usually a blockbuster (mostly reserved!) well, that’s the best seats to have an unobstructed view. Reservation is easy, just search them on Facebook and send a message, a bot will respond with choices and you just have to select reservation for specific time (5pm would be the best!) and note that you wanted an al fresco seats. After that, a confirmation will be provided.

EATscapade Series: C Lounge
four cheese pizza

EATscapade Series: C Lounge

Since I work at night, coffee is a must for me, basically, part of my routine. EATscapades (eat and travel/discovery) are mostly composed of caffeine, pizza and pasta. You’ll never go wrong with pasta and pizza combo, right! And while, waiting, photo here and there takes place. It is always nice to document my day through pictures so that, I have something to look at and reminisce from time to time. Lockdown due to pandemic taught me to have more captured memories.

EATscapade Series: C Lounge
Cafe Latte

EATscapade Series: C Lounge

EATscapade Series: C Lounge
a glass of Chardonnay

C Lounge in terms of ambiance is remarkable, the food is priced mid-range (Approximately Php500++ per order, good for sharing.) I liked their Café Latte; they also serve decaffeinated. The food fares taste flavorful that could definitely fill your cravings.

EATscapade Series: C Lounge
sunset chaser

* * * * *
C Lounge
3rd Level Conrad Hotel Manila
Mall of Asia Complex, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way
Pasay City

Budget per person: ~ Php1,000.00

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