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Our Teacher. Our Heroes. #HappyTeachersMonth

Albeit, my life wouldn’t be the way I envisioned if weren’t the education I got from school. My teachers played an important role in honing my skills, made dreams, aimed higher and do more as I progress with my life’s journey. It was not an easy feat, that’s for sure! Surprise quizzes, laboratory projects, periodical exams, prelims, midterms, finals and thesis were always a love and hate occurrences in my school life – love if I did my pre-work and hate if I didn’t because I was occupied with procrastination but nevertheless what I did way back was a result of my now. Not complaining – I’m living the best life that I could ever imagined.

In celebration of Teacher’s Month, I am dedicating this post as a way of giving thanks to the persons that has a big impact for who I am today. They ensured that knowledge bank was full of information and learnings as I go on with my life. The stock knowledge will always be there to assist me whenever needed. With that, I am very glad to have my teachers. Thank you!

Their life experiences and knowledge taught me that aside from written words from textbooks, there's more to life. At gayunpaman, sa gitna ng kanilang teaching load ngayong pandemic, sa likod ng kanilang mga ngiti, may kanya-kanya silang laban sa buhay na hindi natin alam.

Our Teacher. Our Heroes. #HappyTeachersMonth
BDO Teacher's Loan

And one of the best examples is the story of Teacher Buenalice Balungay mula sa Nalilidan Elementary School, Sultan Kudarat. Si Teacher Buenalice ang tumatayo bilang breadwinner ng kanilang pamilya. And because of the Teacher’s Loan offered by BDO Network Bank, natupad niya ang kanilang mga pangarap: napag-aral niya ang kaniyang mga kapatid, nabibili niya ang mga kailangang gamot ng kanyang mga magulang, nakapagsimula siya ng munting negosyo, naipagawa niya ang kanilang bahay, at nakapag-aral siya ng Masters.

Teacher's Loan by BDO Network Bank
Teacher Buenalice

Hard work really pays off and with the right people and channel, the pandemic is not a hindrance to make our dream into reality. Just do your part, go for it, work for your dream and everything will fall into the right places as ever you could imagined.

Thank you, Teachers! For making us to believe that everything will happen as long as we put our best effort and heart into it. 

Happy Teacher’s Month!

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