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Pairing Your Outfit with the Perfect Shoes

You’ve got a beautiful dress with a nice flow and fit. Wearing it makes you good about yourself and confident when you look in the mirror. The only thing left to complement this perfect outfit is the right pair of shoes.

There are hundreds of shoes out there that seem to be the perfect fit for an outfit and the availability of so many options can make shoe shopping a bit overwhelming. Also, your choice of shoe can make or break the outfit and could change your perception of the dress. To have the best experience when going out, here are some ways to match your shoes with your outfits.

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    What are you aiming at?

    The type of shoe you go for depends on the outfit and occasion. If you are going for a formal occasion like a gala or wedding, you don’t want to wear sneakers to the event. When going to work, sky-high heels would not be a good way to go as they could hinder your work. In some cases, even wearing sneakers that you got at Nike stores in AU to work, depending on the job you do, would be a bad idea. Your choice of shoes combined with the dress should match the event.

    The next factor is the outfit. You can decide to match the colour of the shoe to the dress but that can be plain and boring at times. You want to mix and match by adding a solid colour when your outfit is a nude tone or going with a dominant colour in your dress if your outfit is multi-coloured. In situations where the dress is short, pairing it with a pair of heels can enhance the beauty of the dress and its fit on you.

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    Let’s look at the maxi dress...

    Let’s look at a maxi dress. You know that a maxi dress is typically long and worn on casual occasions like strolling, meeting up with friends, or a fun day at the beach. Due to the versatile nature of the outfit, your choice of shoes with a maxi dress depends on the event and your comfort level.

    For an outing with friends, a maxi dress can be worn with a nice pair of heels; a nice pair of chunky or pencil heels can do the trick. For a fun beach day or casual stroll, this outfit pairs nicely with wedges, fancy flip flops, and sandals. The classic nature of a maxi dress means that you can’t wear sneakers gotten at the AU Nike stores, closed-toe flats, and boots would not bring out the best in the outfit.

    Shoes that pair well

    If it seems like nothing goes with your outfit, then stick with nude-coloured or neutral-toned shoes. Black shoes go with almost any outfit and nude-coloured shoes can enhance the look of an outfit. For summer, have a pair of sandals either low-heeled or flat for the perfect summery look.

    Don’t forget to…

    Try on some sneakers or sandals for a classy and casual look. When it seems like you can’t choose your own, get the help of a store consultant to give you a bit of direction if you are buying something new or seek the opinion of your friends before stepping out.

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