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Top Things To Do at the Airport to Kill Boredom

Top things to do at the airport to kill boredom
📍NAIA Terminal 3; patiently waiting for my flight bound for Cebu

Gone are the days for spontaneous trip where we can book a day or two before the flight schedule and being in the airport before the flight needs more time than the usual 2 hours pre-pandemic because of the requirements needed to checked and validated before you can board the aircraft. However, for a person who has an itchy feet like me and those who-needs-to-travel-to-sustain-sanity or maintain the well-being, complying to these protocols is a reasonable requirement to comply with. At the end of the day, we all wanted a safe and fun travels.

Nowadays, longer hours were spent at the flight waiting for that flight you have booked and planned weeks or even months ago. And for sure, we are looking for ways to combat boredom; some reads, talk to strangers or play online games. With that having said, I listed top five things to do at the airport while waiting for boarding.

    Mingle with friends or be a friendly stranger.

    Lockdowns and quarantine prohibited everyone for gatherings and I am sure that there are so many things to talk about in person which is more engaging and lively with in between laughter. In my case, I missed listening to their hilarious, naughty and fun adventures as they keep their mental health healthy or kept themselves preoccupied while at home. Needless to say, exchanging of stories is more enjoyable in person - having those hand gestures and re-enactment. 😂

    Meanwhile, if you are traveling solo, being at the airport is a perfect venue to make new friends, talk about your itinerary or places you are aiming to visit. Who know, you might have the same interests and thoughts and could be a start of something beautiful.

    Play online games.

    Sorry but not sorry to say, playing online games to kill boredom is one of the things I am fond doing. And there are a lot of games to be played online that I can do switches whenever I want to. Solitaire is a classic card game that I will never get tired of playing - easy and got me thinking. Oh well, hello to all 90's babies out there! One of my go-to sites - - easy to navigate and there are variety of games to choose from.

    The best part, it's FREE!

    Top Things To Do at the Airport to Kill Boredom
    playing solitaire

    Read a book.

    Have a book handy for you to read anytime, anywhere. I always bring a book wherever I am going to keep me company or sometimes, to awaken my mind with good thoughts and inspires me to be creative or make new goals and dream a new dream. Fed your mind with words that would fuel your soul to do more. It works!

    Listen to music or update your play list.

    Time to update the playlist for a new adventure! Once in a while, I do update my play list to match the mood of the upcoming travel - laidback, chill, country songs, good for sunset vibes or with the newest songs in the chart - and name it after the place I am going to like Boracay, Palawan, Siargao, among others.

    Take a power nap.

    Nothing beats being energetic when you arrived at your destination. So take that 15 or 30-minute nap to revive the energy. Don't forget to set your alarm so just in case, sleeping takes longer.

    There you have it. Being early at the airport to complete all necessary steps to comply with the safety protocols in a smooth sailing pace is better than being in a hurry just not to miss a flight, right? Have a safe travels!

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