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Travel in the New Normal: Bound for Siargao Island Requirements

Finally! After numerous flight cancellation and rebooking my friend and I headed Siargao Island. Pandemic is staying longer that most of us anticipated, for until when, no one can tell. But anyhow, life as well as the economy has to move forward to sustain everyone’s well-being. It is not an easy-peat but one’s has to find ways to maintain the mental wellness, especially those living in the metropolis and a change of environment is necessary. For me, there is a need because I’ve been lacking ideas and losing productivity due to procrastination. A travel somewhere with a different ambiance close to nature would mean so much to me during this pandemic era.

Bound for Siargao Island Requirements 2021
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Going back to Siargao Island is always something that I look forward so when Cebu Pacific had a promo fare in December last year, we booked a flight. Siargao Island is very popular as a surfing spot in the Philippines and more of tropical vibes. There are tourists stuck in the island during lockdown and from then on, some are already decided to stay for long (due to WFH setup and or freelancing), some for good, while others already started businesses.

First thing first, what are the needed requirements bound for Siargao Island. Continue reading as I list down all the steps and necessary details to help you out with your upcoming trip going to “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” – Siargao Island –  in the new normal! it was kind of similar with what we had for Boracay Island (check it out here) though.

    1. A Negative RT-PCR Result

    For cheaper alternative, we opted for RT-PCR (Saliva) from Red Cross Philippines. Advanced booking via is required a day before the date of scheduled testing. The result will be out in 24 hours and should be within 48-72 hours prior to flight, so pick your scheduled date properly. We chose the SM Megamall drive thru for the location; it was more convenient and faster.

    2. Flight Details

    Self-explanatory though but you have to keep this handy as this is needed as a part of requirements to bet sent to Siargao Island’s Local Government Unit.

    3. Confirmed 2-night DOT-Accredited Accommodation

    Good thing is, the lgu only requires a 2-DOT accredited hotel or resort booking. If you are planning to stay longer, book a 2-stay stay first and then look for a cheaper option such as homestay or hostel. For list of accredited accommodation, check Siargao Tourism Assistance Center Facebook Page,

    4. Valid ID

    A valid id such as SSS UMID, Driver’s License, Passport, among others as this is also needed as a part of requirements to bet sent to Siargao Island’s Local Government Unit.

    5. E- Health Pass

    Fill out this form, and save the QR generated after submitting the form.

    6. Letter of Approval from LGU

    Once the above requirements are already available, send an email to with your travel requirements as attachments a day before your flight because the airline would ask for this. Your email should contains A Negative RT-PCR Result (not more than 48 hours), Flight Details, Valid ID, Confirmed 2-Night DOT-Accredited hotel booking and E-Health QR Pass. LGU checks email every day, Monday to Sunday.

    6.1 Acceptance Letter c/o Hotel Accommodation 
    Once you have the APPROVED email from, send an email or ask your accommodation to secure a letter of acceptance.

    *Provincial Tourism Office Hours MON-FRIDAY 8AM-5PM
    *Hotline Numbers (086) 826-9017, Smart +639638906838, +639706036378 and Globe +639665472979

    Have a copy of everything onto your phone (or might as well, print out) to keep it handy. As you enter NAIA Terminal 3 entrance, the guard would ask for your flight details and a Negative RT-PCR result.

    Bound for Siargao Island Requirements 2021
    met new friends 😃 // 📍Guyam Island


    Notes to Remember:

    1. Cebu Pacific is strict with hand-carry. They only allow 1 carry-on bag per person not unless the other bag carries a laptop so might as well add a check-in baggage to save money, a minimum of Php1,500 for a spot on check-in baggage.
    2. Wear your mask all the time and shield (when at the airport). Be mindful of your physical distancing.
    3. Bring your own pocket wi-fi (better not to rely on FREE wi-fi provided by the resort/café due to the volume of users especially during work hours).
    4. Enjoy a safer(wear your mask!) travel!

    Bound for Siargao Island Requirements 2021
    hanging out with friends // 📍CafeLoka

    Travel Date(s): September 20, 2021 to October 6, 2021

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