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How to Choose the Ideal Screen Size for Your New TV

Shopping for a new TV can be both a source of excitement and stress for the buyer. 
There may be a lot of excellent and affordably priced options in the market, but sometimes that fact only adds to a consumer’s choice fatigue. If you’re due to get a new TV soon, you may be grappling with the following questions: is bigger always better? Is it worth it to spend the extra thousands of pesos on a 4K or 8K TV? And what other things about your viewing experience should you be considering other than the size of the TV itself? The fact that you want to make good on your investment might pressure you even further, such that buying a new TV is more cumbersome than fun.

One way that you can relieve your anxiety about getting the right TV is by deciding in advance on what size it should be. Before you go shopping for one at a television Philippines store, read these pointers on how to choose the ideal size. These will help you buy an item that you and your family can enjoy to the fullest once it’s installed in your home.

    Choose Based on Your Ideal Viewing Position

    The first factor that you should consider when buying a new TV is what size will afford you the perfect diagonal view. Its ideal size may depend on how far you’ll be sitting from the TV whenever you want to watch your favorite content.

    THX, the company responsible for the high-fidelity audio and video standards in movies, recommends multiplying your typical seating distance from the TV (in either inches or centimeters) by 0.835. That means that if you like to sit about five feet or 60 inches away from your TV, it’s a good idea to purchase one with a 50-inch screen.

    Consider the TV Screen Resolution

    Another aspect worth considering is the TV screen’s resolution, or the measurement of its pixels given a 16:9 aspect ratio. Higher screen resolutions typically mean that you’ll enjoy crisper details and more realistic-looking images. If you know that you want to watch high-definition content, then it’s worth thinking about your TV screen’s resolution as well as its total size.

    Should you get a full HD 1080-pixel TV, or should you spend for a 4K TV or even an 8K TV? A good middle ground if you really want to upgrade your home theater is 4K. It possesses four times the resolution of a full HD screen, which will make images appear richer and fuller. There’s also more TV content produced for 4K-resolution viewing compared to 8K-resolution viewing, so while 8K is not yet the mainstream, it’s a much better idea to just buy a 4K TV.

    Choose the Best Size Relative to Your Room Size

    The best TV size also depends on the room where it will be mounted. The size dimensions in your living room may be very different from those in your bedroom, and a huge 75-inch screen may be better accommodated in the former than in the latter.

    A good rule of thumb is to never buy a TV that’s too big for the room you’ll put it in. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to work around its installation. If you need a way to estimate how much space your new TV will take up, you can make a cardboard cutout with the same dimensions as the TV you want. Practice mounting the cutout and mark the exact position you want it to occupy in your room before you start your installation of the real thing.

    Consider Other Factors That Shape Your TV Viewing Experience

    Lastly, while screen size matters, it definitely isn’t the only factor that will shape your TV viewing experience. Even if you don’t buy a TV with a huge screen size, you can still create the impression of a powerful and immersive TV viewing experience by downloading high-resolution content and adding audio accessories like component speakers.

    Once your new TV is installed, customize your setup and transform it into the home theater you’ve always dreamed of. The ability to have full control over your whole viewing experience, and not just the size of your screen, will make movie marathons, binge-watch sessions, and gaming nights all the more special.

    How to Choose the Ideal Screen Size for Your New TV
    source: TCL 55-inch android quhd TV

    Final Words

    Don’t forget to do your research about the different TV brands and compare the specs on the items you like the most. If you have the opportunity, visit an appliance retailer to see how big the TV really is and how much physical space it will occupy. You can also look up product videos and customer reviews that detail how they set up their new TV.
    You may initially be overwhelmed about the range of choices that are available out there, but once you know what size you need, picking a new TV will be a breeze. Ring in the New Year with a new TV and make your viewing experiences more cinematic and memorable! 

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