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5 Decorating Tips Without Angering Your Landlord

For some people, renting a house, apartment, or condo unit is the most cost-effective way to move into their own place and have a space they can somehow call their own. While rental homes allow tenants to bring their own furniture sets, some landowners do not like the idea of changing the interiors and look of their units. But that doesn’t mean renters should be stuck with what their homes look like at default! 

 There are simple yet effective ways to decorate your rented home without upsetting your landlord. But before you try these five decorating tips, make sure to ask your landlord to know if they are allowed in your unit.

    Use Rugs and Carpets 

    Floors tend to be overlooked when it comes to decorating. Add color and pattern to your rented home by placing rugs or carpets on your living room and bedroom floors. These come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Choose which one will fit your home’s aesthetics and floor area.

    In addition, rugs and carpets also provide an invisible barrier that divides your living room from the other areas in your home. Adding these to properties like a house for rent Bacolod can help expand your space and make your home more inviting.

    Place Lamps 

    Lighting fixtures are essential for brightening any space and fostering openness, warmth, and comfort. That said, get sleek and modular lighting fixtures to brighten up your rented home. Slender floor lamps, desk lamps, and night lights are some of the suitable choices for your rented home. These lighting fixtures are also movable and easy to install, which means you won’t have to install them on your walls and anger your landowner.

    Modular lighting pieces aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they’re also easy to install with double-adhesive foam tape. These lights are suitable for properties such as an apartment for rent in Bacolod City since tenants won’t have to drill holes and damage their units’ walls.

    Decorate With Self-Adhesive Tiles

     Tiles are another material that can change your house or apartment’s overall look and vibe. Installing tiles the traditional way will take time, materials, and money. Plus, it is a major remodeling project that landowners won’t be too happy about.

    Because of that, self-adhesive tiles are a great alternative. These are made of foam and come in various sizes, colors, and textures. When installing your self-adhesive tiles, make sure that the surface should be dust-free for the adhesive to stick better. Starting at the corners, carefully lay your tile panels, flattening them with a card or squeegee to eliminate air bubbles. Stick all tiles until you’ve covered your desired areas entirely. If you need to remove these self-adhesive tiles, use sticky removers to unstick them cleanly.

    Add Cushioning 

    Make your couch area cozier and more comfortable with throw pillows. Search for pillow covers with plain colors, bold shades, and vibrant patterns to match your walls and furniture. You can also arrange them to create exciting accents for your seating.

    Moreover, get pillows with faux fur, sequins, leather, and embroidery if you prefer a combination of textures. These will add surfaces that are fun to touch, as well as unique artworks for your otherwise plain and boring couch.

    Use Shelf Accents 

    Many rental homes have built-in shelves, cupboards, and wardrobes typically used for storage. However, you can spice up your storage spaces by adding shelf accents to open shelves and cubby holes.

    You can put a few books, scented candles, small framed photographs, mini sculptures, and potted plants. Most of these accents are movable, making them excellent for adorning rental homes whose landowners prohibit significant changes and decorating.

    As a tenant, you want your home to be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as much as possible. Given that some landowners may not allow any alterations to their units, these five non-damaging decorating tips will help you achieve your dream home interiors.

    Turn your rental home into a space that suits your needs and personality without upsetting your landlord with these five decorating tips.



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