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It's Happy Hour with Bioskin Coco!

The biggest part of our body is our skin which, most of time, is taken for granted and inly noticed the effect of it as we grow older - fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, among others. And so, as soon as I learned about how to prevent skin aging - I ensures that I take good care of my skin as religiously as I can.

bioskin coco
It's happy hour with bioskin coco.


Too much chemicals and alcohol in skincare products can damage our skin. Hence, as much as I can, I only use products that has all natural ingredients. So, when I received a Bioskin Coco products, I am thrilled to try it right away. Oh boy, it smells so refreshing and relaxing for the skin (hmmm... can I add that it reminds me of my favorite time of the day whenever I was on a beach lounging and doing nothing by the sunset... err appreciating nature's beauty) -- it's happy hour!

    What's good thing about Bioskin Coco, I don't have to choose between with my favorites - pink moscato, strawberry blush, margarita, piña colada and coconut bar - because each and everyone has its own purpose for keeping my skin soft and healthy. 
    Can I add, young looking? Of course, you read it right! 😉 You're welcome!

    Moreover, here's your skin's favorite drink to achieve that youthful glow.

    Bioskin Coco!
    Bioskin Coco products


    Pink Moscato (Day Cream)

    Tropical weather, no problem. This four-in-one luxury mix protects us from harmful UV rays, whitens and maintains skin moisture. do your hustle under the sun as Pink Moscato Day Cream will keep us having that delightful glow. My favorite, indeed!

    Bioskin Coco
    Pink Moscato


    Piña Colada (Essence Toner)

    What I like this product is that, it cools down my skin after a day of working my ass off to achieve that goal. It has fresh fruity blends that are good for hydration, moisturization and keeping my skin clear all at the same time. 

    And yes, don’t forget your toner after washing your face as it cleanses out remaining residue on our skin.

    Bioskin Coco
    Pina Colada

    Pink Blush (Sunblock Cream)

    Sunblock or sunscreen is a must – whether you gonna go out or just stay at home. Prevention is the key on keeping our skin looking young and healthy. 

    Keep your skin protected against the sun’s harmful rays while keeping it soft and supple.

    bioskin coco
    Pink Blush Sunblock

    Margarita (Serum)

    Gimme my margarita, ayt! Your go to drink whenever you feel like to be alive or relax or just chill and do nothing and so your skin also needs those vibes!

     Improve your skin elasticity, brighten up and restore nightly by including this on your routine. For sure, your future self will thank you for that. To add, this margarita serum would make your skin absorbs the product you apply.

    bioskin coco
    Margarita Serum


    Papaya Coconut (Bar Soap)

    Raise your hands if you are guilty of having uneven skin tone? Well, raising my both hands. Exposure under the sun did that to my skin and having a sensitive skin make it worst. So, using papaya coconut bar knowing it is all-natural and organic will do wonders on my skin. 

    bioskin coco
    Papaya Coconut Bar

    It polishes and nourishes skin as it treats uneven skin, fine lines and dullness. Moisturize my skin naturally while eliminating free radicals that harm my skin. After using it, I feel re-hydrated and renewed.

    Do something for yourself (and your skin) today and for sure, you would be thankful tomorrow. Skeptical with which product to use? Go for products that uses all-natural ingredients! By the way, Bioskin Coco is also a 100% Philippine-made. 🙂

    For query and more details, check out their Social Media Accounts - Facebook & Instagram
    Also available on Shopee and BeautyMNL.

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