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Of Investment: Real-estate for Short-term Rentals

Possibilities are limitless; one has to have an open eyes and mind to see that it is endless. Words that I always say whenever people very close to me were juggling about life and achieving their dreams. It is not really of what to choose or what to let it pass but more like of a matter of priorities and scheduling what should be comes first. Once it is figured out, everything flows like a music playing on its own rhythm. 

 When I started my short-term rentals biz, I only have one thing in mind – I want to enjoy life and make my dreams to reality. I don’t want to sound hypocrite when I say money doesn’t matter because it does. I need money to achieve my goals and live life to the fullest. And so, I work hard and find ways to have another source of income aside from my 9-t0-5 job and one way is that, real-estate.

Of Investment: Real-estate for Short-term Rentals
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When I bought my first condominium unit for an investment – I did a lot of research such as location, value, the developer behind it and the most important thing – my budget! Looking for a flexible monthly payment terms based on my preferred location was kind of a challenge and I had to take so much considerations. I even made, for my supposedly, monthly amortization schedule so I could determine how much money I needed or how long I’ll be paying before getting the property. And so, I came up with having a pre-selling property in 2015 that will be turnover after 24 months.

I can still remember vividly how happy and thrilled I was when, finally, I had the keys and signed the moved-in documents. I just can’t contain myself from being excited and have things to be sorted so I can start with the unit renovation to make it aesthetically pleasing, cozy, comfier and be ready to be posted as my first listing on Airbnb. What's good with real-estate is that it appreciates the value overtime.

It was not an easy-peat, not even an overnight turn of wheels but with perseverance and patience month over month over month. One more thing, you have to be focused and stay on top of the budget to prevent any delays. It is better to have something drafted for DIY stuff or hire someone to do the works for you. After sleepless nights and kind-of-exhausted-yet-fulfilling-day the day finally came that it was dressed up and ready for photoshoot.

I was all-out smile when I got my first booking, so happy when I received my first payment! Fast-forward to today, I already have 2 listings on Airbnb and another one coming up before the year ends. Hard work paid off and is still paying to date. 😉

Of Investment: Real-estate for Short-term Rentals
minimalist decor: time is ticking better start now

Albeit, investing or money talks is still a taboo as we were mold to study harder to get a better job, work harder to earn money and be a slave of a 9-to-5 job. I have nothing against it as I am still working in a corporate world but looking for ways for money to work for you is necessary so you could enjoy the best in life. At the same time, to have the freedom to enjoy more time doing things I love – and that matters to me!

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