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Discover Underwater Wonders: A Comprehensive Guide to Scuba Diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera

Sabang, a coastal paradise in Puerto Galera, is a hidden gem located just a few hours away from the bustling Metro Manila. Known for its tranquil beauty and serene landscapes, Sabang offers a quick yet profound escape from the urban sprawl. Approximately 130 kilometers south of Manila, it's easily accessible for both weekend warriors and long-term travelers. The journey itself, traversing through scenic routes and a short ferry ride, is as rejuvenating as the destination. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with the picturesque backdrop of lush mountains and clear blue waters, setting the stage for an unforgettable tropical experience.

A Comprehensive Guide to Scuba Diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera
Sabang, Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, particularly Sabang, is renowned not only for its stunning beaches but also for its vibrant underwater world. Diving enthusiasts from around the world flock to Sabang to explore its renowned dive sites, each offering a unique underwater adventure. Renowned for its rich biodiversity, the waters here are home to an array of marine life, including rare species and spectacular coral reefs. This diversity has earned Sabang a reputation as one of the top diving destinations in the Philippines. Whether it's the thrill of encountering a sea turtle, the beauty of a coral garden, or the allure of a shipwreck, Sabang has something for every level of diver.

Beyond its aquatic allure, Sabang is a place where culture and nature intertwine seamlessly. The local community, known for their warm hospitality, adds to the charm of this coastal town. From the bustling markets offering fresh seafood to the quiet evenings on the beach, life in Sabang moves at a peaceful pace. This unique combination of natural beauty, rich marine life, and cultural vibrancy makes Sabang, Puerto Galera not just a destination for divers but a holistic retreat for anyone looking to reconnect with nature and experience the authentic island lifestyle.


The underwater world of Sabang is a treasure trove of biodiversity, offering an awe-inspiring experience for divers. As a beginner with a PADI Openwater Certification, the marine life in Sabang served as a magnificent introduction to the underwater realm. The waters are teeming with vibrant species that create a kaleidoscope of colors and forms. From the graceful sea turtles gliding through the water to the playful clownfish darting among the anemones, each dive presents a new chapter in this aquatic storybook. The visibility is often excellent, allowing divers to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of this underwater paradise.

One of the most striking features of Sabang's marine ecosystem is its coral reefs. These living structures form intricate landscapes under the sea, housing a myriad of marine species. Divers are often captivated by the sight of colorful corals in all shapes and sizes, from delicate fan corals to robust brain corals. This rich habitat supports a diverse range of marine life, including species from popular films like "Nemo" and "Finding Dory," which adds a touch of familiarity and wonder to the diving experience. The reefs are not only a source of natural beauty but also play a crucial role in the marine ecosystem, providing food and shelter to countless species.

Sabang's dive sites are varied and cater to all levels of experience. The Sabang Wrecks, with their mysterious allure, offer a unique diving adventure. These sunken vessels have become a haven for marine life, with angelfish and batfish among the common sightings. Another notable site is the Kilima Steps, which is renowned for its diverse marine inhabitants like nudibranchs, lionfish, moray eels, and even the elusive barracuda. Each dive site in Sabang reveals a different aspect of the underwater world, ensuring that every dive is a distinct and memorable experience.

A Comprehensive Guide to Scuba Diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera
scuba diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera


Sabang's underwater landscape is dotted with a variety of dive sites, each offering its own unique appeal. The Sabang Wrecks, as mentioned, are a particular highlight. This dive site, where sunken vessels have transformed into bustling ecosystems, is a surreal experience. Divers can explore the wrecks, which are now home to a diverse array of marine life. Schools of angelfish and batfish are commonly seen weaving through the structures, creating a mesmerizing underwater dance. The wrecks provide not just an exciting dive but also a glimpse into the resilience of marine ecosystems, showcasing how life thrives in all conditions.

Another must-visit dive site is the Kilima Steps. This site is renowned for its dramatic underwater topography and the diversity of marine life it supports. Here, divers can encounter everything from vibrant nudibranchs, known for their extraordinary colors and patterns, to predatory lionfish and elusive moray eels. Barracudas also make occasional appearances, adding a thrill to the dive. The Steps are a cascading series of underwater terraces, each level revealing different species and coral formations, making it a multi-layered experience.


  • Canyons: This site is an adrenaline rush for advanced divers, featuring strong currents and deep canyons. Large pelagic fish like tunas and jacks are common, along with occasional sightings of sharks and rays.
  • Verde Island: A jewel for divers, Verde Island offers some of the best visibility in the area. Its coral gardens are teeming with life, including schools of vibrant fish and even sea turtles.
  • Alma Jane Wreck: A fascinating artificial reef, this wreck is a haven for schools of batfish, sweetlips, and many macro species. Ideal for intermediate divers, it offers a chance to explore the intricacies of a sunken vessel.
  • Sinandigan Wall: Known for its stunning biodiversity, the wall is a tapestry of soft corals and sponges, inhabited by colorful nudibranchs, elusive pygmy seahorses, and various other small marine creatures.
  • Monkey Beach: A beginner-friendly site, it's perfect for daytime or night dives. The gentle slopes house an array of reef fish, and nocturnal creatures like octopuses and moray eels are often spotted during night dives.
  • Hole in the Wall: An iconic site for intermediate divers, known for the small tunnel-like opening in a rock wall. It's a hotspot for various species of fish, often gathered in large numbers due to the currents.
  • Fish Bowl: This dive site is a natural amphitheater teeming with life. Divers can expect to see a variety of reef fish, moray eels, and occasionally, larger fish like barracudas and sharks.
  • La Laguna Point: A great site for both beginners and experienced divers, La Laguna Point offers a gentle slope leading to a deeper wall. It's a hotspot for turtles, schools of jacks, and occasionally, reef sharks.
  • West Escarceo: Known for its vibrant corals and diverse marine life, this site is suitable for all levels. The area is filled with schools of colorful fish, and the occasional turtle or ray adds to the excitement.
  • Pink Wall: Aptly named for its pink soft corals, this shallow dive is excellent for beginners and snorkelers. The site is alive with small reef fish, nudibranchs, and the occasional passing turtle.


Sabang's allure extends beyond its underwater marvels, offering a plethora of activities and experiences for all types of travelers. The area boasts a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars and clubs, perfect for unwinding after a day of diving. For those seeking tranquility, the white sandy beaches offer a serene escape with stunning sunset views.

Other Activities and Attractions in Sabang, Puerto Galera

For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the Sabang Waterfall is a must. This hidden gem offers a refreshing break from the beach with its cool, cascading waters set amidst lush greenery. The trek to the waterfall is an adventure in itself, offering a glimpse into the island's natural beauty and wildlife. Additionally, Sabang is not far from other attractions in Puerto Galera, such as Tamaraw Falls and the Mangyan Village, which offer insight into the local culture and natural wonders of the region. And here are other things to do on an island, if not scuba diving:

  • White Beach: A popular tourist destination known for its long stretch of white sand and crystal blue waters. It's ideal for swimming and water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, and banana boat rides. The beach area is lined with a variety of resorts, bars, shops, and restaurants.
  • Talipanan Beach: A secluded beach with powdery white sands and calm waters, perfect for a quiet, relaxing time. Nearby Talipanan Falls and Mangyan Village are also worth visiting for a more immersive experience.
  • Tamaraw Falls: A stunning twin waterfall that's ideal for nature enthusiasts. The area offers swimming pools, barbecue spots, and small stores for refreshments.
  • Island Hopping: Explore various pocket beaches and snorkeling spots, including San Antonio Island, Haligi beach, and Bayanan beach. This activity offers a chance to see underwater caves, coral gardens, and giant clams.
  • Aninuan Beach: A less crowded beach with beautiful surroundings, ideal for a romantic getaway or a family outing. It's also a gateway to other attractions like Aninuan Falls.
  • Aninuan Falls: A beautiful waterfall located at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo, offering a refreshing and natural setting for visitors.
  • Talipanan Falls: A less touristy and more rugged waterfall, providing a serene environment for those looking to explore the natural beauty of the area.
  • Tukuran Falls: Known for its charming rock formations and clear waters, offering a unique experience of a carabao ride through a shallow river to the falls.
  • Mindoro Sling: Enjoy the famous Mindoro Sling, a cherry red cocktail made of rum, grenadine syrup, sprite, and fruit juices, at various bars along the beach.


Accommodations: Sabang, Puerto Galera offers a range of accommodations to suit every budget and preference. From luxurious resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses, there's something for everyone. A notable mention is the Tropicana Castle Dive Resort, known for its comfortable stay and picturesque views. While it doesn’t have its own dive shop, the resort's amenities and location make it an excellent choice for travelers.

A Comprehensive Guide to Scuba Diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera
Tropicana Castle Dive Resort

Sabang's culinary scene is as vibrant as its marine life. For an authentic taste of Italy, visit Robby's Cafeteria Wine Center & Ristorante, famous for its delicious Italian pizza. For those looking for budget-friendly yet tasty meals, the Food Corner near Tropicana Castle Dive Resort is an excellent choice. Not Just Coffee offers a cozy ambiance and a diverse menu, perfect for a relaxing meal or a coffee break.

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Sabang, Puerto Galera, is a destination that truly offers something for everyone. From the breathtaking underwater experiences for diving enthusiasts to the rich cultural experiences, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culinary delights, Sabang is a destination that promises an unforgettable journey. Whether you're seeking adventure beneath the waves, a peaceful retreat on a secluded beach, or a cultural experience in a local village, Sabang will not disappoint. With a variety of accommodation and dining options available, and the ease of booking through platforms like Agoda and PHBus, planning your trip to this tropical paradise has never been easier.


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A Comprehensive Guide to Scuba Diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera

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