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Forresta Unveils the Future of Urban Living in Villar City

A rising community south of the metro is pioneering progressive cityscapes that will shape the future of urban living in the Philippines.

Forresta, an emerging mixed-use community within the 3,500-hectare Villar City, is poised to transform the landscape of local urban planning as it espouses a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates technology, green spaces, and luxurious living.

Forresta Unveils the Future of Urban Living in Villar City

Setting a precedent for future developments, the 119-hectare Forresta aptly addresses and anticipates the changing needs of future residents and locators with an impressive blueprint aimed not only at elevating the future urban living experience but also at balancing progress with environmental consciousness.


Forresta, no doubt, is at the forefront of leading the evolution of city planning as it charts a new course in urban design—evident in how it showcases the harmonious blend of modern features and natural elements.

This so-called “city in the forest”, which is being developed by the Villar Group’s Brittany Corp., is envisioned to become a flourishing, sustainable mixed district that will have a complete mix of features and components to make it modern, healthy, and self-sustaining.

Preserving the natural terrain of this community, Forresta will be home to the first phase of the central business district of Villar City—tycoon Manny Villar’s ambitious legacy development that spans 15 towns and cities in Metro Manila and Cavite.

Forresta Unveils the Future of Urban Living in Villar City
Forresta offers an exclusive residential community cradled in an opulent oasis you can readily access right outside your doorstep.

Also rising amid the lush forests of Forresta are premium grade, high-rise office towers, upscale residential condominiums, ultra-exclusive residential lots, and leisure hubs.

The eco-smart homes and residential buildings being offered within Forresta will likewise have modern features such as energy-efficient lighting solutions, availability of a seamless internet fiber connection, and a 24/7 secure and fully electric perimeter fence with RFID subdivision gates.


Currently, Forresta offers a limited collection of ultra-exclusive residential lots befitting a select clientele of investors and buyers.

In this premier 19-hectare residential district, Forresta presents sizable lots, ranging from 857 sqm to 1,461 sqm, all surrounded by natural forests and landscaped gardens—thus ensuring a sanctuary of elegance and greenery, ideal for those with discerning tastes.

Forresta Unveils the Future of Urban Living in Villar City
The lushness of green spaces in Forresta can foster a sense of community while providing a serene environment that can help soothe senses and encourage outdoor activities.

Residents will no doubt relish in the abundance of green spaces, including Forresta Fields and Forresta Park, integral components promoting well-being. These green spaces not only enhance air quality but also foster a sense of community within Forresta.

What’s good about this community is that it’s planned to be low density thus ensuring utmost privacy, exclusivity and convenience for the entire neighborhood—making it perfect for nurturing passions and raising families.

Forresta Unveils the Future of Urban Living in Villar City
For residents, living in Forresta is like having the city at your fingertips — all under the same roof. Residents and guests have easy access to multiple work and entertainment facilities within their residences.


And despite its exclusivity, Forresta will afford future residents with the luxury of access and connectivity—that is, this up and coming neighborhood will be near modern sophisticated comforts to ensure a truly seamless urban living experience.

Forresta's strategic location allows it to be near major roads such as Daang Hari Road, Daang Reyna Road, and the Manila-Cavite Expressway, which will meanwhile ensure easy access to educational centers, health institutions, golf and country clubs, and lifestyle hubs like Evia Lifestyle Center.

More than just a development, Forresta is also part of the promising Villar City—a visionary estate set to become Metro Manila's new center of gravity. With 15 satellite cities featuring a modern CBD, Tech Valley, university town, and premier lifestyle hub, Villar City is poised to be a thriving nexus where economic, lifestyle, cultural, and leisure activities converge.

Forresta is also in proximity to Villar City’s newest concept cafe, Forresta Cafe, a cafe hideaway amidst the trees, which offers serene ambiance and full dining experience.

With promising developments and plans on the horizon, Forresta invites residents and investors to be part of a future where luxury meets sustainability, and innovation defines the true urban experience.

For more information on Brittany Corporation's collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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