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New In: Forever21 Stuff

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Saturday, I went to Forever21 to do a little shopping and here’s what I purchased.
Forever21 Leggings
 Leggings | P295. Since, I don’t own one that’s why I make it a point that I had to purchase it that time. 
Forever21 Brassiere
 Brassiere | P330. It’s pink and way too feminine so it’s a must! Good for crop and sheer top.

Forever21 Eyeshadow
 Eyeshadow | P105 (leftside), P160 (rightside). I just wanted to try them. ^-^
Forever21 Earrings
Earrings | P280. Love the unusual shape. Perfect for formal outfit.

That’s all! Hope you liked it, too! ジ


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