Island Hopping in Puerto Galera

9/30/2014 01:27:00 AM 0
One of the not-so-good timing when I am travelling is when I have my monthly visit. Having this kind of visitor hinders me from doing my th...

Mangyan Village in Puerto Galera

9/28/2014 11:09:00 PM 2
On my impromptu… err… three days’ notice trip to Puerto Galera last month hosted by Buri Resort and Spa , aside from the comfortable and 4...

A Song or Praise Music Festival (ASOP) 2014 Grand Finals Night

9/22/2014 10:19:00 PM 0
A Song or Praise Music Festival or ASOP is the first ever song writing competition on Philippine television for praise songs that aims t...

Wishlist: Rompers/Jumpsuits

9/21/2014 07:41:00 PM 0
I don’t know what’s with the rompers and jumpsuits nowadays but I like them. Perhaps, I’ve been looking for something with refreshing ...

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