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Forever21 Accessories Haul!

Forever21 Haul! Yes, I am so excited with my accessories haul and I just can’t hide it. P keeps teasing me on these comely accessories that I had from F21 yesterday. I am supposedly bought only the wish list of my monita for our February Team Party but since P was not beside me during the buying because he choose to sat on the couch and just waited for me, I have the freedom to buy the things I wanted. Ha-ha.  They are nice and cute.  So lovely accessories!

Two Necklace, One Bracelet and Two Rings

Sorry for the blurry pics - Butterfly and Flower Bouquet Rings

So Lovely!

I love butterflies as much as I loved flowers! They are so adorable!

 Stay pretty!

Till Next Time,


  1. hi there! question, what is comely tows? i noticed you deleted it but i'm just wondering what it means.

  2. Hi Anonymous/ Gmmmmrmmm,

    Kindly see below for the answers:

    Comely means

    Definition: Pleasing or agreeable to the sight; well-proportioned; good-looking; handsome.

    Tow/s means
    Definition: to drag, draw, haul, lug, pull, trail, trawl, tug

    I admit I am not good in English, so hoping that my answers satisfies you. Don't worry I am always open if there's a need to correct my writings, you can even read my entry first before I publish so you can correct the misused words or even the grammar.

    By the way you can send me your email so I can send it to you first. I only have your IP and Address.

    Be happy and Godbless!


  3. Hi Aiz Kim,

    Thanks! There are more cute items on their site.

    Have a Nice day!


  4. Love the things you got! But a bit price-y, no?


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