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Beauty and Butter for Foot Spa

Hello fellow readers! This day is all about being tired but fun.  P and I have a weekend date, oh well; this is our usual routine in order to have a quality time together. We always see to it that we still have time to catch up on everything about our life, what had happened the past days, to mingle and laugh to anything that we have. It’s been a day, my body was so exhausted but yet, it’s another day that worth keeping for, a day to be remembered, and a day with so much love. 

We went to SM Megamall to buy some accessories in Forever 21. P was patiently waiting in the couch located in the entrance of the boutique while I was looking for cute accessories. F21 always didn't fail to have lovely and cute accessories, on which I had a hard time choosing the cutest of them all, and resulted of buying more than the usual buys.

Afterwards we went to Beauty and Butter to have some Foot Spa. It’s been a while since the last time P and I took our feet for a spa. So it’s time for our feet to be pampered again! I choose Beauty and Butter because I have a gift check that will be expired on June 2011, so it’s better late than never. But then, it’s a wrong decision that I went to this spa. I don’t like the place and the service! It’s seemed that the pregnant lady who did my spa service was somewhat uneasy on what she was doing. By the way, I also looking forward that she will handed me an Ipad or a magazine so I will not get bored during the process but it won’t happen. P and I were unhappy and I ended up not giving a tip which was not usual of me. I am so mean.  However, I still manage to take some photos inside the Beauty and Butter.

Inside Beauty and Butter - SM Megamall

My foot being massage

P's foot being massage too.

Us! P is so serious and bored! :P

I am not thinking of going back even though I get some gift check again. It’s better to stick with my trusted spas – Relaksasi and The Spa.

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