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A Sumptous Food Adventure at Venice Piazza

Hey yah foodies! I’ve tried another food adventure wherein I was able to try different cuisines and best dishes of the 14 restuarants around Venice Piazza. Yeah, you read it right guys and gals, I gotta taste hearty and tasteful meals from different restaurants. A Sumptous Food Adventure at Venice Piazza!
A food Adventure is an on-going promo in Venice Piazza that started last January 7 and runs until March 31, 2012. Food Adventurers are required to have a passport and a wristband to gain access to the food samplers from the 14 participating restaurants. Passport and Wristband is available for only P600, which I found as a very good deal and worthy.
Here are some photos of the foods I have eaten. A very good pigout session for every barkada or even with your loved ones. Imagine, a whole eating with your love and friends could be a great moment worth keeping.
Meanwhile, the Food Adventure Tour happens every Saturday from 4pm-9pm. The passport may be availed only on the weekend it was purchased. Like for example, if you purchased on Sunday, you may continue the adventure the following Saturday. And aside from that, You can also avail freebies and discounts by just presenting your passport to the participating restaurants and have the restuarant manager sign on your passpport.

Here are the list of the participating restaurants in theFood Adventure Tour plus the food they are offering.
1. Blackwood Bistro | Penne Putanesca
2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf | 8oz Tea Latte (hot) (choice of Chai, English Breakfast, Matcha Green Tea, Tropical Passion, Apple Pie, Moroccan Mint)
3. Empire Deli & Restaurant | Grilled Tuna or Empire Signature Salad
4. Figaro | 8oz Brewed Coffee or 12oz Iced Coffee
5. KBOP | Seafood and Vegetable Pancake or Chapchae (Glass Noodles)
6. Kuse | Lechong Kawali or Spicy Chicken Relleno
7. Little Asia | Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Shrimp Curls with Mango Dip
8. Old Vine Grille | Grilled Fish Fillet in Lemon butter Sauce or Chicken BBQ with Fries and Red Beans
9. Pho Hoa | Pomelo Salad
10. Pinchos Restaurant and Bar | Duo of Buffalo Chicken Fillet with Chips and Salsa
11. Ramen Bar | Karaage and Kakune Buns
12. Red Crab Alimango House | Fried Stuffed Beancurd with Crab Relleno served with Garlic Chili Sauce or Dory Fillet Served with Honey Mustard Sauce
13. Sol Gelato | Choose any two gelato flavors
14. Yo Swirls | Original Mango or Vanilla Chocolate Yoghurt

Shocks, I am craving for these foos as I am writing this entry. And now, I am hungry!
To those who want to try thisFood Adventure, you may buy passport every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM to 10:00PM at the Eastwood Mail Concierge Venice Piazza Atrium (Entrance).Kindly take note that, the passport is for one person only however it can be transferred to another person but not on the same day and sharing of meals is strictly a big NO-NO.

Be a Food Adventurer. Happy Eating.


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