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Leave me Alone, ACNE!

“Dear Acne, you know what, I don’t like you! I hate you! Please leave me alone! Yes, I hate you so much! Every time you visit me, my self-esteem fades. Every time you are here, I am so shy to look at everyone, especially to look at my crush; I can’t even say Hi to him because he might tease me because you are there. I do hate you to the fullest! I don’t want to see you around. So, please leave!” Ha-ha. This was one of my entries from my diary when I was in High School. The entry is all about with an innocent girl who rant about her acne and afraid to face her crush.

Wow, time really flies so fast. It’s always nice to read and reminisce good old days. Good thing, I love to write everyday happenings in my life. From the smallest details to climax part of my daily life, and yes I do kept these diaries so that I can easily access my past memories fond of joy and hatred. And every time I read those written memoirs there are always a good laugh and a good comparison. Well, I am much better today than yesterday.

Dearies, let’s talk about beauty. Yeah, we all know that real beauty comes within, having a good attitude and being kind, and being subtle, and being down to earth, and the entire positive aura that a person can imply with is also defines beauty. But let’s face the truth; still, having a pleasing personality is one of the pointers everyone is looking for. I know how it feels having a gazillion acne on your face. You hate the world because it was being unfair to you. Most of the time you self-pity, you don’t have any courage to show off and self-confidence is really a big deal. *sigh*

That’s all the things and emotion I have been throughout my high school and college days. Yeah, those were the times that it seems that acne were my best friend. That’s why when I got a job, my goal was to get rid ofthe pimples, acne scars and the like on my face. Every payday, I see to it that I do some facial and acne treatment. I always wash my face before I go to bed and put some moisturizer before I leave the house, religiously. As a result, I do still have flaws but now, less visible.
the Boyfie and Me with no make-up
But guys, please be careful of what you put on your face because it might worsen the case. Way back in college, I put a peeling solution that was easily available in the market, instead of the positive result that I was longing for, my face got more pimples which was bigger than usual, my face became oilier and my skin scorched which leads me to not go to school in two days because of the unconscious feeling. Furthermore, I also tried putting egg white, honey on my face as a mask. Ha-ha. Oh well, I just love to experiment and try and try and try until I succeed. Furthermore, using Proactiv Solutionsis a great help.

For me, Proactiv Solutions is a proven and tested for me. It prevents my acne from coming back that’s why I like it so much. For using it regularly, my acne scars are now less visible. Proactiv Solutions is BFAD approved, that’s why using it is really safe and your money will not go to waste. Proactiv has a wide variety of items to choose from to cater your skin problem, may this be an acne marks, dry skin or just simply for protection. Proactiv is there to help you for your skin needs. It is really best to use well-tested products that also offers guarantee. By this, you as a consumer are sure that you are not wasting your time, effort and of course money because Proactiv hasa money back guarantee. If I were you, I give it a try!
Proactiv 60-day Kit

Stay Pretty In and Out.
Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. Acne came back to mi face and I am so sad. Wahhh, scars na lang ngayon, pero they pop out sometimes. Grrr, nakaka relate ako. Sana mawala na. At beautiful skin, come back to me puhlease.

    The last time I was in front of the mirror, appreciating my kind of flawless skin two years ago, chicken pox attacked me. Kaya, ayoko nang mag appreciate ng self ko. Minamalas ako. Hehehe.

    Flawless ka na ngayon sis! :) Love it. Kayu ni jowabelle. Flawless. Hehehe. Ayiii.

  2. Yihee.. Thanks Sis! Pero hindi parin masyadong Flawless. Oo nga, bakit ganon, pag nababati yung mga pimple nagsusulputan lang bigla. hays.

    Hope to see you again, soon! =)

  3. Oh, I know so well what you mean, it visits me once a month for 3 days and I look like I was 15 again.


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