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The Colorful CARACOL Festival of Makati for the year 2012!

Makati turns Ayala Avenue into a boulevard of festive colors of flora and fauna showcasing the dazzling vibe of the city with the celebration of Caracol Festival 2012, last February 26. People of Makati and even me who lives in Valenzuela were so happy and lucky to witness such astounding colorful and vivacious Caracol Festival 2012.
For we all know that Caracol is the official festival of the city organized by the Makati Local Government through its Museum and Cultural Affairs office to raise awareness on the importance of preserving our natural resources – meaning our Mother Earth. As a testament of being the country’s leading city, Makati continuously engages the community to take part in caring for Mother Earth through this vibrant celebration inspired by the world-famous Mardi Gras.
According to Ms. Lingling Cervantes – Head of Museum and Cultural Affairs Office, the Caracol Festival is another grand event that sets the jovial mood for other yearly gatherings in Makati City. This further highlights the city’s character as a microcosm of how urban districts in the country need to be and its commitment to sustain and promote environment-friendly initiatives.
Students from schools in Makati clad in colorful costumes will parade along Ayala Avenue dressed up as flowers, animals, insects, trees, plants, fairies, among others. The Caracol Festival is one particular event where the youth can express their creativity and playful imagination while inculcating in them the importance of protecting our ecology. And there were 9 participants (3 from Elementary Levels, 3 from Secondary Level and 3 from Open/College Level) that competed to showcase their talents in the Caracol Festival Competition.
And the below is the list of winners on each level:
Elementary Level
3rd Place: Group 2, 81% (Pembo Elementary School)
2nd Place: Group 1, 85.5% (Rizal Elementary School)
1st Place: Group 3, (East Rembo Elementary School)

High School Level
3rd Place: Group 9, 85.5% (Benigno Aquino High School)
2nd Place: Group 4, 87.3% (Makati High School)
1st Place: Group 5, 87.4 (Fort Bonifacio High School)

Open/ College Level
3rd Place: Group 9, 82% (UMAK - CEPDA)
2nd Place: Group 8, 87.3% (UMAK- Center for Human Kinesthetics)
1st Place: Group 7, 88%  (Dance No Doubt) Over-all winner

Dance No Doubt
In line with the efforts of the Makati Government in further enlivening the city, Ayala Land supports the Caracol Festival and is undertaking other exciting events and development projects through the Make It Happen. Make It Makati. campaign.  All these initiatives serve as testaments to the city’s dominance as the country’s unrivaled city not just for business but also for lifestyle, entertainment, and culture.
Being part of the Caracol Festival is aligned with Ayala Land’s initiative to present a more dynamic city experience, which is why we continuously work with the local government of Makati,” concludes Mel Ignacio, Assistant Vice President of Ayala Land. “We believe that supporting culturally and environmentally significant events is integral to the fruition of the Make It Happen. Make It Makati. campaign.

Be Happy! Live your Life as Colorful as Caracol! 

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