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Fruit Magic Adopts Slow Juicing Technology for Consumer Wellness

With Filipinos’ health and wellness in mind, a business partnership was forged recently between Korean slow juicer brand Huromand innovative fruit juice cart brand Fruit Magic.

The partnership stands to further give Fruit Magic all the more reason to claim how its products can bolster its customers’ wellness. And using the pioneering slow juicer technology espoused by Hurom, this assures the buying public of a higher nutritive extract compared to what traditional juicers and blenders produce.

Fruit Magic is known in the market for its fruit and vegetable juices so ultimately, Escalona (top photo, president of Fruit Magic) says that Hurom fits their business perfectly. He is convinced of its superiority in terms of giving wellness and value and thus, more for customers’ money. He said: “Customers’ benefits are always top-of-mind” for them.
With the acquisition of the Hurom Slow Juicer, Fruit Magic’s natural juices in selected outlets now offer as much as 45-65 percent added nutritional value. Thus, every cup of Fruit Magic with the use of Hurom juicer churns out contains up to 90-95 percent nutritional value, according to Zinven International Corp. General Manager Catherine Dy and Fruit Magic president Alan Escalona.

Escalona added, “There’s a big difference between juicing and blending.  This is very important. Let’s start with blending—the most traditional one—when you blend, you basically mash the fruit, add ice, syrup, and then the fruit. The fiber is still there.”

He said that fruit or vegetable fiber of fruits or vegetables is not really digested. When it goes to the intestines, while being digested, a lot of those fibers still have nutrients locked in so I would say, 50-60 percent of the nutrients in the mashed/blended fruit is absorbed by the body.

Fruit Magic is not known for selling juicers but it certainly can demonstrate how it works before its own customers. “I said let us use it first and let people know we’re using it and highlight it slowly because we’re not an appliance store. We’ll just show customers the juicing process, let them see and taste the difference. Then, you’ll develop loyal customers that will keep coming back.”

Escalona admitted that Hurom is new to them but he is convinced of its superiority in terms of giving wellness value and thus, more for customers’ money. He revealed they were initially attracted to fast juicers because when people queue up for their juice, their cart attendants need to be able to quickly service each order. However, Escalona reiterates that customers’ benefits are top-of-mind for them.

He knows as well that by using Hurom means being more cost-effective in the long run, where less fruit or vegetable is used but results in higher yield, which also means more savings for them.

But more importantly, Escalona pointed out that compared to fast juicers, though Hurom is slow, it is very efficient. And because it makes more juice against the fast ones, it means more savings for him. Though a bit slow, Escalona said that he’ll just double the amount of Hurom juicers in his carts. “Sometimes, it’s also fun being a bit slow because some people really like to see how his juice is prepared before he drinks it.”

Fruit Magic is known in the market for its fruit and vegetable juices so ultimately, Escalona says that Hurom fits their business perfectly. In business for almost 20 years already, he said they’ve tried lots of juicer brands in the market but when he saw what Hurom is capable of, especially in making higher fruit juice yields, he thought of using Hurom instantly.

We know that technology is important and if you don’t adapt the proper technology, you’ll get left behind. With this ever-changing and growing market, you have to go with the most innovative technology, and we saw that in Hurom. This is a new product for the 21stCentury and Hurom has already established credibility as a brand, and we know that a lot of customers expressed satisfaction with this product, that’s why we are using it now,” Escalona explained.

The revolutionary Hurom Slow Juicer is available at Rustan’s, S & R, The Landmark, Shopwise, NumaCare, Home Shopping TV, and is distributed in the Philippines by Zinven International Corp. For more details about the Hurom Slow Juicer, visit or call telephones (02) 9267782 and 86.

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