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Beauty: My New Year Resolutions in Terms of Taking Good Care of my Skin.

Howdy Darlings! It’s been a while since I last posted about beauty - on taking care of my in and out beauty – and most especially of taking our skin’s health. In most cases, our outer skin is the first appearance people seen on a certain person. I must say, that it is the first thing people look at. Yeah, that is the genuine reality that we should also care about. In my high schools years, where pimples/acnes (Acne is a common skin condition that occurs mostly in people between their teenage years and 20s. It is caused due to the excessive production of oil (sebum) by the oil glands (that is the pilosebaceous glands) present in skin. -source) were my best enemies because they were just popping out here and there and everywhere that I was ashamed of, especially when I was in front of our classroom and did some reports. 

At the back of my head, it looks like they were looking on those pimples/acnes that scattered all over my face rather than listening on what I’m talking/reporting about. However, as I grow older, I took an extra care with regards on my skin beauty regimen. Well, there’s always room for an improvement and for a better me. Plus, having a smooth and supple skin will add some extra pounds of confidence and I know ladies out there would agree on me.

As my title says, “My New YearResolutions in Terms of Taking Good Care of my Skin,” I wanted to share with you Darlings my New Year resolution on how to give an extra mile of caring my skin. I’d rather write a blog post for that so that I will always be reminded every time I read and visit my blog.

  Without further ado, lemme share you with you my Top 5 New Resolutions in my beauty regimen. And I wanted to do these this year, religiously.
* I will take my Vitamins A, C and E everyday.
* Before going to bed, I will wash my face to remove make up, excessive oil and dirt on my face.
* I will vigorously apply SPF before leaving home and re-apply if necessary.
* I will sleep at least 6-7 hours a day.
* And last but not the least, PROACTIV has been my savior on preventing acne, so I will continuously use it.


PROACTIV has been my knight in shining armor in terms of taking care of my skin. It’s been my best friend that would love to keep my skin smooth and acne-free. For only P2495 for a 30-day kit (which composed of Step 1. Renewing Cleanser, Step 2. Revitalizing Toner, Step 3. Repairing Treatment with a FREE Refining Mask. It also includes a Face the Facts Booklet.) and P3995 for a 60 day-kit, it will assure you the flawless skin you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, having PROACTIV in your beauty regimen, you can say “Bye” to your costly Derma and say “Hello” to a beautiful you. 


Where to buy?
PROACTIV Solution is available in the following mall kiosk: Glorietta, Ground Floor, Trinoma, 2nd Floor, Robinsons Galleria, 3rd Floor, and Marquee Mall, Ground Floor. And to those who are so busy, a door-to-door delivery is also available, just call the delivery hotlines at +632-792-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444 and 0917-801-8888. Or you may also log to for online shopping. 

Proactiv Solution has also a money back guarantee. There you have it! We don’t have any reasons to feel and look ugly. Everything is within reach in terms of beautifying ourselves and to maintain our smooth, supple and flawless skin.

Happy Holidays!


  1. My skin care resolution for 2013 is to continue using Proactiv Solution products only, coz it's super effective! :)

  2. Now I know your secret why your skin is better than others, Don't be surprise if one day a lot of my friends will have a good and better skin after some time..

  3. You may also try eating veggies especially the leafy one, this can enhance the beauty of the skin.

  4. My new year's resolution is to join marathons.

  5. Yashi: Indeed! Happy New Year!

    Mac Vasquez: Now you know... ^_^ Share it with your friends, too. So, they can also have a healthy, smooth and glowing skin.

    Jade: Yeah, Vegetables are part of my diet. Thank you for dropping by, sweetie!

    ~Eccentric Yet Happy: Haha.. one of mine too. Wish my schedule permits me to join. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. ^_^

  6. My daughter got acne and she started to use now ProActiv Solution. For one week, there is a sudden changes like a glow.

    Jinkee Umali of

  7. I've been using PROACTIV DARK SPOT CORRECTOR for almost 2 months. :)

  8. That's also my resolution to maintain and take care my skin!!! Is there any side effects of Proactiv?

  9. That's also my resolution to take good care of my skin!!! Is there any side effects of using Proactiv?

  10. Beauty secrets revealed hihi thanks for sharing mars! Happy New Year!


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