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Protection to the maximum level with pH Care Feminine Wipes

Protection to the maximum level with PH Care Feminine Wipes

Living in a tropical country crowded with pollution is an enormous challenge to live by and it needs an extra care for us to, still, live the life that we have been dreaming. Yeah, there are so many products that pops out in the drugstore and even market, but of course, even if it connotes healthy lifestyle and fights against germs/bacteria around us, we're still unsure of it unless it comes from the trusted brands. And when I say trusted brand, these are the brands and products that we've known since day one of our existence. It may sound silly, but that thing is genuine from reality. Yes? Yeah!
Let's talk about a bit intimate. As part of my hygienic habits, I see to it that whenever I have no choice but to use public washroom I’ll wipe and put napkin or tissue paper on the toilet bowl. Well, not because am I just being OC, but to be at least, won't get all the bacteria that easily attack its prey. To add an extra TLC wipe the 'down there' after everything. Prevention is better than cure; I'm just being protective as early as now than to regret it afterwards.

I've known PH Care for years now, and I am a proud user, I used to include a pocket size of it on my kikay stuff so I can get the best of both worlds. Thus, my delight when they came up with this PH Care Feminine Wipes is inevitable. You may ask why, well, I just listed some of the benefits I am enjoying - light pack; easy to open and close because of its resealable label; you'll get protected and feel the coolness after us; soft (bye bye harshness!); Affordable; available in all stores, even on the sari-sari store; alcohol-free; hypoallergenic; clinically tested, and safe to use everyday.

So better feel clean and fresh at an affordable price. Pretties, I hope that you'll also include this in your kikay kit.

For more information, updates, promos and whatnots, see and explore these PH Care accounts – Website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Happy Wednesday!

Hugs & Kisses,

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