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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Day Jewelry

Congratulations on your impending nuptials! Part of the fun of planning your wedding day is choosing your dress, of course. But in the excitement of finding the perfect gown to wear as you walk down the aisle; don’t forget that your wedding day jewelry can also play a part. Whether you want your statement piece to shine or you’re looking for subtle accessories, here are a few tips for selecting the perfect jewelry to complement your gown and your style.

Jewelry That Enhances without Grabbing the Spotlight

For the most part, brides prefer to select classy jewelry that enhances their look rather than grabbing the spotlight. If your gown, hair, and/or veil are intricate or ornate, or if you want to highlight them above anything else, find simple jewelry pieces that don’t demand too much attention. For white gowns, the color and style of a necklace or earrings often depend on just how white the fabric of the gown is. For instance, if you plan on wearing a pure white dress, opt for jewelry that has a soft, white touch. Texture and shine that don’t add any detracting color is key, so look for pearls or platinum instead of gold and silver. Off-white, ivory, and cream dresses invite more color, however, as the color of the dress gets darker. Gold, silver, diamonds, and even colored stones are great choices. Match a color from the bouquet in the earrings or necklace, or choose a birth stone for its symbolic meaning. You can match the styles of dress and jewelry, as well, though that isn’t a hard and fast rule. After all, it’s fun to pair vintage jewelry with a modern dress, or vice versa.

Jewelry That Makes a Statement

Who says statement jewelry has no place in your wedding ensemble? If you choose the dress and neckline well, a wow-factor necklace or statement earrings shows off your fun-loving, fearless personality. Any material can be used in these chunky, show-off pieces, from metals and pearls to semi-precious stones and precious stones. You could even wear feathers if that is what you like. The jewelry can be used as the show-stopper piece to complement a more simple dress style or to further enhance an ornate bodice. The key here is not to have the dress vying with the jewelry, so go with more simple lines for your gown (though you can still enjoy the lux feel of silk, satin, or other high-end fabrics). And don’t pick two statement pieces to wear at once, either. Choose to showcase either the necklace or a great set of earrings. The exception is when the necklace and earrings are a matching set, but there’s no rule that says you must wear both parts of the set if you feel they are too much together. Choose your wedding day jewelry as carefully as you choose your dress, and you will feel that your look is balanced and complete for this most special of days.

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