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Indulge in Villa del Conte’s Summer Flavors

April 20, 2016 0
praline stick milk chocolate with watermelon cream filling Savor the taste of summer as Villa del Conte brings you its fruit-flavored chocol...

Villa del Conte: The Origins of Chocolates

November 09, 2015 0
Villa del Conte Praline Ball Chocolates are truly a delightful indulgence enjoyed by many around the world. Everyone has their favorite ch...

InstaFood: Thank you Villa del Conte!

March 10, 2015 0
Thank you so much @villadelconte for the sweet surprise and #birthday pressie!!! Super like it and very much appreciated. 😂❤ from Instagra...

Padova, Italy: Where the sweetness of Villa del Conte began.

October 26, 2014 0
Padova, Italy. Where the sweetness began In between Venice and Verona lies the oldest city in Northern Italy – Padova. It is surrounded by...

Thank You Villa del Conte!

April 23, 2014 0
Package received!!! Thank you for the sweet surprise @villadelconte! from Instagram (via IFTTT ) Keep Smilin'

InstaFood: Villa del Conte Chocs!

April 03, 2014 0
My early delightful and pastel-colored Easter Treat - Villa del Conte Ovicinis! Filled with delicious hazelnut cream perfect for everyone (...

Villa del Conte Ovicinis for Easter, I want more!

April 03, 2014 0
Villa del Conte Ovicinis Limited Edition 100g Rejoice and celebrate Easter with Ovicinis – decadent dark chocolate coated with pastel-colore...

Woolworths & Cadbury Chocolates

March 16, 2014 0
Woolworths & Cadbury Chocolates I love chocolates ! Well, I always love to taste different variants of chocolates. These two comes from ...

Celebrate Life, Celebrate with Goya

February 24, 2014 4
one of the games was to decorate a cake using Goya chocolates. The happiest and sweetest event I’ve been to so far! Yeah, I’ve been to wonde...

Saturday Afternoon Delights

December 29, 2013 0
P and I love sweets so much, thus, having and trying different variants of sweets is something that we could say, normal to us. Yani gifted ...

Thank you #SugarRushMNL

September 06, 2013 0
SugarRushMNL is a legit online seller of Japanese chocolates and of the world’s finest goodies – KitKat Green Tea, this yummy white chocol...

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s "Creamy Chocolate Fountain"

July 07, 2013 0
Creamy Chocolate Fountain Thanks God It’s Friday ! Nothing beats Friday as it open the weekend of fussle-free days where you can only think...

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