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Benzoyl Peroxide, Best Acne Treatment

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Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) has been known to be a compound that fights acne from getting worse. What most people are afraid of are the misconc...

Staycation at Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern

5:07 PM 1
Life is great, indeed! I had a great vacation in Boracay Island with my family and just back last night (stay tuned!). And upon this ...

‘To achieve goals, we need empowered leaders’ – AFFI

8:55 PM 0
Manila, Philippines – May 16, 2016 –  Recognizing the importance of strong leader-figures in the realization of its goals, the Associ...

Unwanted hair problems ‘Vanish’ in SvelT’i

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Too much hair can be a double-edged sword.  First, there is no questioning the proverb that it can be the crowning glory of a woman---and,...

MODÈLE PHILIPPINES’ next go-see at F1 Hotel

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As the reality search for the “ New Models of Influence! ” dubbed MODÈLE PHILIPPINES nears its final stretch, Professional Models Associ...

Alex Gonzaga Goes “Mellow”

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Alex Gonzaga goes “ Mellow ” - TV show host extraordinaire, actress and certified funny girl Alex Gonzaga recently visited the radio stati...

Privato Hotel - Your Comfort Hotel in the Metro!

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Good morning ladies and gents! Writing this post at the Piazza Privato Restaurant (6th floor) of Privato Hotel while having a dessert avai...

“Camp N”, a premier outdoor adventure and team-building hub at Nuvali

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Welcome to Camp N Looking for an alternative place to spend summer with your families and friends? We’ll, I know that most of us been f...

Breville-lize Your Summer Caravan

2:29 PM 0
Want to know how to make meals delicious and fast? You are in for a treat as, BREVILLE ® a premier kitchenware brand from Australia, brin...

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