Shoes: Neon Ballet Flats

Saturday, January 07, 2012
I bought this neon green ballet shoes from Landmark last December for only Php149 (around $3-$4) from its original price of Php449 (around $10) because it was sale. It’s a first time for me to own this neon bold color since I am not exploring much with colors when it comes to shoes. Maybe, I am looking for colors that can be easily paired-up with clothes in the closet or casual shoes to do my everyday errands – works, events, and friends get together.
My verdict: This shoe was comfortable but still need to test its comfort ability when it comes to a long walk or long hours walking in a mall. Well, for only Php149 (around $3-$4), it is worthy enough for the comfort it gives to my feet; I will be wearing this more often during my casual day work. 

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  1. hey neon are hawt right now!!! these looks so fun to wear!! cant wait to se u wear them n accessories with ur outfit
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  2. These shoes are so beautiful and stylish! Love them!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
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