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C'NTRO by Centropelle Opens at Ayala Fairview Terraces

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Who would not recognize the “C” label of shoes that we’ve known and been existing for 30 years already? Yeah, it’s CENTROPELLE, a sister...

5th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo (PBEX) - Opening Ceremony

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Good Day, Loves! Tomorrow is the 3 rd day of the 5 th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo (PBEX) which opened last Friday, Jul...

DUPLICITY: JAKE GYLLENHAAL on Creating the Characters Adam and Anthony in “ENEMY”

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The reality of finding your doppelganger or a mirror image or yourself is the intriguing premise of the upcoming psychosexual thriller “...


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Press Release. As opportunities arise in their careers, more and more Filipino women are waiting longer to have children. Due to this tr...

Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne Treatment

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Nowadays, a lot of medications are sprouting out claiming that they can treat acne. But can they really treat acne?   For years now, the...

My food blog -

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Bubbly Fluffy - Food & Drink Unlimited I know some of you who read my Facebook wall already knows that I attempted to migrate all m...

Happy-ning Now: Roadtrip with the limo!

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Hi Sweetie! Here's a quick update on my whereabouts & whatnots from my Instagram account. Roadtrip with the limo! Tha...

Monday Shopping Cart

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Monday Shopping Cart: White Short Sleeve Graffiti print, Black Zipper Plaid Pleated Chiffon Skirt and White Sleeveless Blue Floral d...

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