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Howdy! Hoping that wherever you are, you're having a great time!

I'm Aylin Vedad living in Manila, Philippines. I work as an Automation Developer in an IT/BPO company for 9 hours a day, with an hour break; Mondays to Fridays. For the rest of the hours, I am hustling to make my dreams come to life! I always believe that every goal starts with a dream, and it's up to me if my desires are strong enough to beat all the odds to make it real. Well, I'm getting there. 

I was once bitten with travel bug and since then, I'm exploring the world -- one place at a time. Thru this blog, I'm sharing travel hacks, tipid tips (budget-friendly trips), easy to follow guides and itineraries (despite of being spontaneous), and my life in general. Hopefully, this small space of mine in the vast online world will inspire others to get up, work hard/smart, and achieve whatever that goal is! 

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