Pearl Farm Beach Resort - Samal Island, Davao del Norte

I can still remember every bits and pieces of how luxurious and relaxing our stay at Pearl Farm Beach Resort located at Kaputian Island Garden, Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines. Going there was an easy-peasy as it has its own port and boat going to and from this exquisite island. Every corner connotes exclusivity and well-appointed service that you are looking for a hassle-free and all comfort vacation. To add, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the only 5-star resort in Samal Island and it is a beach resort that has a good value for your hard earned money. Of course, once in a while spoil yourself in a luxurious getaway to reward the hardworking you. At the end of the day, whatever happens in your life, it is because of the choices you have made.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

The Resort

The stunning Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers an escape away from the usual atmosphere you have in the city and indulge you with a colorful cultures of Mindanao. The resort’s iconic parola will welcome every guests with a refreshing drinks and traditional music that were so pleasant into ears as you landed to the island, the parola will be your first stop that will serve as your first impression to the beach resort.  Here you can have a snack, watch movies (yes! a scheduled film showing is available for movie lovers), Have a nice view of the suites on stilts and villas with rewarding terraces. Also, you’ll get the privilege to visit the Malipano Island, a private island owned by Pearl Farm Beach Resort with pristine beach perfect for swimming, reading or by doing nothing and just simply appreciating the beauty that presented in front of your very eyes.

a very wonderful welcome

Malipano Island 

The famous resort's parola.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort's checkin/out lobby

The Room

It was “Araw ng Dabaw” when we went to Davao thus, we took the opportunity of having Samal House as our room accommodation in discounted price. They have promos so better to check out their site first or call them before booking. Tip: Most of the resorts have a good deal for local residents so while traveling is quite expensive and of course, having a 5-star accommodation is costly it is good to ask if there’s an ongoing promo. By the way, booked our room with 10% discount (or 20% I guess), with breakfast and dinner for 2 and with free pick-up from the hotel. So yes, it is a good deal already. Basically, you can choose from The Suites, Samal House, Mandaya House and Hilltop Room as your type of accommodation.

Samal House

the veranda

watching sunset while in bed


the queen-sized bed

outside our Samal House 

The Food

I love and like the foods that we ate. There was seafood, garden salad, pizza and a lot more. Everything tasted palatable and sumptuous, though a bit pricey if you’re going to order an ala carte. Well, we arrived before lunch that’s why we had our light snack at Marina Restaurant while waiting for our room. At dinner, there’s a cultural dance show entertaining the guest. I can even remember how I reminisce my grade school days as I joined the cultural dance contest in celebration of “Linggo ng Wika” and watching it brought many memories, it was nostalgic.

Marina Restaurant

what I've got from the breakfast buffet table

 photo with the dance crew from the University of Western Mindanao


Capping the day off with a cocktail. 

The Amenities

Resort’s infinity pool is always inviting. Plus, a beach if you want to soak in saltwater and sand. It is way perfect for those who wants to relax and chill and dip into the clear crystal water. They also offer kayaking, sea diving to see the beautiful and colorful underwater creature, go to Malipano Island, service from/to the resort is every hour and island hopping. So yeah, you can do the best of everything in wonderful vibes.

Malipano Island 

lounging area at the parola

The Verdict

It was a perfect vacation that I can ask for. Given a chance and budget, I will definitely choose Pearl Farm Beach Resort over and over again. Everything is worth it, from food to ambiance, from service to how I was taken care of even in the middle of night. Yes, I got this habit that whenever I am traveling, drinking coffee before bed is a must. So when I called out asking for complimentary coffee, creamer, sugar and bottled water – the staff granted my order. It was truly a 5-star service thus making my first-ever trip in Mindanao memorable. Unlike other resorts that showcases beautiful photos to attract guests looking for an accommodation, Pearl Farm Beach Resort stays true on what they posted. And yes, it is truly a value for money. A vacation in a less crowded resort is always a great idea.

my favorite spot

P.S. Samal House for the room is a good choice, I could stay here all day long – lounging at the veranda with a view of infinite blue water, reading Paulo Coelho book, watching the sunset while enjoying the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. It was surreal, indeed!

P.P.S. Please take me back!!!

Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal
Davao City, Philippines