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The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay, Baguio City, Benguet

3/10/2017 08:15:00 PM 2
Whenever I travel, a staycation in a posh or luxury hotel is always included in my itinerary. Usually, it will be on a last day wher...

A Quick Guide to Baguio City, PH

11/15/2016 06:04:00 AM 0
Welcome to Baguio City! When in doubt, travel north. Baguio City is one of the destinations that I frequent. Having the good food, c...

[Food] - Catching up Over Coffee at Café by the Ruins Dua

8/27/2015 01:20:00 AM 2
It’s been a while since I traveled with my fellow bloggers because these past few months, I was not into attending events because of my ...

It’s nice to be back at Azalea Residences Baguio

8/20/2015 12:16:00 AM 28
Howdy Guys and Gals! My apologies for the hiatus, AGAIN!!! I already said that for several times that I would like and love to make this bl...

Hotel Staycation: Exploring Azalea Residences Baguio

12/29/2013 02:50:00 PM 6
Did you know that Baguio City was also known as a “ Summer Capital of the Philippines ,” simply because the first family always spends t...

Hotel Staycation: Azalea Residences Baguio, room 201

12/22/2013 10:14:00 PM 0
Who would have thought that before the year 2013 ends, I’ll be in Baguio City, “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”? I already gave up...

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